>>> 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far

As my birthday is slowly approaching in September, my mind goes deeper in thoughts, reflecting  all aspects of my life so far.
Am I one year wiser – not just one year older? Am I scarred more now or entirely cleansed and healed from something in the past?  So I figured out , why not to summarize what are the 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far, each for one year that I have till now :-).

I always liked to do  retrospective into my life, and realize mistakes or cherish the good accomplishments. And now here, through my personal blog I have the chance to give some thoughts and advice for the new generations.
Here are some of my beliefs, thoughts, advice, recommendations :

  1. Your dreams from childhood may come true at some point of time, if you work on it
  2. It is important to believe in something, it does not have to be in God….  but certain guidance of existence, Force is needed for every man I believe
  3. Carpe diem. Try and taste many things in life to know what you really like, there is so much in this World and would be pity to miss something out
  4. Make a bucket list and try to tick off one thing a year at least
  5. Travel in life as much as you are capable of, as it is the biggest wealth that noone can take from you
  6. Choose good education, preferably university as it s a valuable ticket to a good start – at least for the first job
  7. Good grades are not imperative showing you are smart, but are needed to get into a good college or university
  8. Change jobs every 1.5-2 years when you are young – in order to gain as much experience as possible in different sector, branches
  9. It is great if you have the chance to live in another country for some time – it makes you more responsible for yourself
  10. Do not be over-ambitious  to use all your means to get something – it is not an honest way to do develop yourself in a career and as a person
  11. Learn at last 2-3 languages, even a bit – you will not feel like an idiot when you find yourself abroad
  12. IT sector is still number one for well paid and highest developing jobs today
  13. Do not live with your parents just because you are lazy – rather live in a more modest way, independently but on your own (paying your own bills)
  14. What you wear defines you as a person and shows your personality, shows if you have style  if you take care of yourself.  Again, it is one of the factors that defines you, but not the only factor
  15. I feel more confident and much better with myself now after being 30, than in my 20s

    Credits to Austin Schmid
  16. TV show “Sex and the city” did change modern lifestyle and relationships, and so I also had  some “SATC” moments in my life
  17. Money is important for a good quality of life, but  it is not the only factor that influences it. Good company of people around, culture and open-mindness give that quality
  18. When you actually buy something from your own money, you do cherish that and appreciate it more
  19. Material stuff will not make you a better nor a happier person
  20. People can love animals almost like having kids – I personally love dogs, and get very emotional about them
  21. Do not try to get younger from early ages like in 20s, meaning doing some drastic beauty treatments – rather enjoy your pure, young, elastic skin as long as possible
  22. Also do not exaggerate with pumping stuff inside your face or body – it is vicious circle an you never know what consequences it will bring later 
  23. Sun is good in a sense to get some vitamin D, but take care of your skin – put sun-creams whenever possible  on face, with higher sun factors
  24. Sea and music are the best therapies
  25. Cigarettes are bad because they destroy you inside and they stink up your clothes, furniture … plus unnecessary expense
  26. Eat healthy 80% of time, and 20% give yourself  a break – eat sweets, breads etc.
  27. Cardio exercising is good for burning fat and do it min 2-3 times a week. Muscle building then defines and makes you tighter
  28. Watch your spine and back when you are young, as the consequences will come after being 30. Learn from early how to bend, exercise properly etc.
  29. Laugh as much as possible – it is the best and cheapest cure  you can get
  30. Wine is good to relax and have a good time – “wine connecting people”
  31. Marry and have kids when you are young or later in 30s, so enjoy your 30s and  dowhatever you want to do then. 
  32. Give love a chance more times in life… Every time it brings something new and wonderful. Don’t get stuck in a “not happy or without love” relationship 
  33. Have a family only with a partner who appreciates you and will be there by your side, always…
  34. Love your parents, as the roles will turn around some time in the future, and you will act as a parent to them. If they took care of you, repay them well when they need it the most
  35. Be there for people in need around you, when they need you
  36. Be yourself, do not pretend to be something else than you are, let people like you for what you are
Credits to: Noah Silliman
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