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Who is the Classy Explorer?

Hello! I am Mirela, a Serbian – Hungarian girl from Belgrade but love to call myself ex-Yugoslavian as well, since I was born in 1980 what was once known as Yugoslavia .

I will write at some point about my lovely and uprising hometown Belgrade but nevertheless, I lived abroad as well, that is almost eight years in Budapest, Hungary and three years in Dubai, UAE, so there will be a lot of stories about these places later in my blog posts.

Since I was little, my dream was always to be somehow in an international environment, to study and work in English, meet lots and lots of people of different and vibrant cultures. Mostly I felt like I was trapped in a cosmopolitan girl living in a narrow-sighted community and just craving for some modern life and beyond what was given to me at home. I needed to move, see and explore the world…Catch the wings……

I started that firstly by studying for Master’s degree in International Business and Economics in Budapest, with the Master Thesis topic related to „Strategic battle in the Central-European airline market”. After those awesome fun years living an international student life, I also worked at regional head offices for two big international firms based at the time in Budapest and which were related to regional media marketing and freight-forwarding  international logistics. At those times I actually started bonding more with Hungarian people so got to taste bit of my heritage. But…then my life got some new turn as I decided I want to travel the world.  So I applied for Emirates airlines and after two months found myself in Dubai where I also spent fabulous years.  Read about my blog posts later on why and how to become an airline’s Cabin crew.

I returned back to Belgrade in 2010, and I must say…it was tough at the beginning,  feeling like an expatriate in my own city – learning again the Serbian way of living, the places, streets, people, finding jobs…..a lot of challenges. I was working as an Evaluator for some project based International agency for a while, travelling through Serbia and certifying some of the Municipalities based on their business-friendly environment. Then I found work in a market leading travel agency in Serbia specialized for individually tailored and premium travels, where I worked in marketing and assisting the agency’s Director. The job was really exciting, especially to be „in touch“ with various destinations again and promoting them, as well as with media agencies. But then I moved on to another job, where I am currently employed, which relates to  international supply-chain management field in a Forbes 500 American company, as a global inventory planner for ATM spare parts.

But travelling is there, it didn’t stop and never will….Whenever I can I pack my bags and go somewhere to recharge the batteries and see new stuff, I go.  Luckily I also have friends around the world that I can visit. My addiction is that I need to travel at lest 4-5 times a year. Or I can even just escape the city for a weekend and go outside city borders and I already feel renewed. If you want to learn more about me, check and add me to my Linkedin profile.

I should mention also that I am a member of Trip advisors contributors and write reviews from time to time of some places I visit. Either cities, restaurants, or hotels…

As you see all work and life so far has been related to #global, #international #transportation #air #airlines #planning #certifying #marketing #traveling #fun #English #cosmopolitan

This is why I consider myself as fully entitled to write this blog as it will consider themes related to my life and work. Find out more on my blog post about why I started this blog.

Also this is why I want upgrade myself and to specialize in consulting people how to travel, where, what can they expect, seeing it through my personal experiences, also what are the ways to see and travel the world, and also consulting on how to become cabin crew –  I will show you what is required, what to expect…

If you want to contact me, please feel free to ask me anything by clicking the form here and I will respond in the fastest matter.

And now a bit more facts about me.

Things I love to do or love in general are:

  • My Mom – my greatest supporter and friend in my life – and I dedicate this blog to her
  • Friends – love socializing with people
  • Traveling – naturally  but mostly by airplane I love
  • Airplanes and helicopters – big passion since childhood and dream to have a one day Robinson R22 or R44 learn-to-fly experience 😉
  • Enthusiastic about exploring something new, even if is is a cliche, but if something is new to me, it is an experience to cherish
  • Beach, sea, sun, sand….or a nice ski resort, though not a skier
  • Music – born as a MTV child, know thousands of songs of various genres, currently big fan of disco, funky house and deep house. And crazy about earphones 😉
  • Movies, favorite genres are comedies, thrillers and horrors ( just used to watching them since little)
  • Teaching others about something that I know
  • Drink wine or prosecco, and even a good home-made “rakija
  • Enjoy good and tasty food – but trying to eat as healthy as possible, favorite Mediterranean cuisine and Japanese sushi
  • Dress up in nice sporty-elegant clothes, classy but stylish
  • Crazy about make-up
  • Dancing, stretching, walking, playing squash, swimming
  • Some adventures  like skydiving, paragliding…and still want to dive in the sea ( did only the trial dive in swimming pool)
  • Good therapeutic and relaxation massages
  • Learning languages – I was already learning, apart from English and Hungarian, some of Greek, French, Portuguese and German, and ready to learn more
  • Being organized and punctual, sometimes perfectionist – common for Virgos in horoscope
  • Laughing a lot – I mean A LOOT- people tell me I  have contagious laughing
  • I avoid negative people, politics, gender issues or racist opinions
  • I don’t like very cold weather and feeling cold
  • I hate when people miss deadlines, are late and are superficial
  • I am scared of sickness and deep water

And that would be a short summary of me….hope you enjoyed 🙂


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