>>> A small wildlife adventure in Nairobi

>>> A small wildlife adventure in Nairobi

After starting this year by writing about cool stuff to do in Sri Lanka, I am continuing the trend with another exotic destination – the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.  Check out when is best to travel there and what you can do and see, if you are first time in Nairobi and eager to experience a small wildlife adventure.


December to March are spring-warm months with average temperatures (25-28 C) during the day. Cooler-dry months are from July till September. However rainy seasons are from mid-March to June., and from late October through December. So for planning tour activities, the best is to choose dry months in October, or January-February, or even in July-August.


Nairobi, the capital is interesting as it is also a home to a wildlife as there is National Park (which I visited) – so in case you do not want to go for a big safari, you can enjoy being up close with prey animals like zebra, antelopes, giraffes, buffalo… but also predators such as cheetah, lion, hyena, leopard and many more.  Read more

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>>> What are some of the cool stuff to do in Sri Lanka?

>>> What are some of the cool stuff to do in Sri Lanka?

After showing you last year a bit of beauties of Mauritius and some activities you can do there, I decided to do something similar for Sri Lanka. And to show some cool stuff to do in Sri Lanka. It  is a small island, also in Indian Ocean, with capital called Colombo. Historically Portuguese, Dutch and British occupied it, but it finally got independence in 1948 as Ceylon, and then the name changed to Sri Lanka in 1972. If you ever wondered whether to go to Sri Lanka or not, maybe some of the info in this blog post will help you. I would recommend seeing this after you have seen some other islands in the Indian ocean first. I was not that amazed to go there again, but it is worth to see for sure.


Sri Lanka is a tropical country, so rain is inevitable – just depending on the side of the island. The rainy season is from October to January, and it predominantly affects the east coast, while from May to July it predominantly affects the west & south coast of Sri Lanka.

sri-lanka-vegetation Read more

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>>> Vesna Vulovic – stewardess who survived an airplane crash

Just a few days ago,  it was a death anniversary of an aviation legend Vesna Vulovic,  a stewardess who survived airplane crash from 33,000 ft back in 1972, and so became a legend in aviation.

Vesna Vulovic was one of the cabin crew for JAT  Yugoslav airlines, when the aircraft Douglas DC-9  blew up in the air above snowy mountain ranges of ones Czechoslovakia. She was the sole survivor from that airplane crash and so entered the Guinness World Records in in 1985 for the “highest fall survived without a parachute. (Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com). Unfortunately, all the rest of the crew and passengers died.

Source: http://www.globalmediaplanet.info/vesna-vulovic-serbian-stewardess-who-survived-plane-explosion-10000-meter-fall-in-1972-dies-at-66/

She was lucky to have survived an airplane crash most probably because she was in the tail section of the aircraft and trapped by a food court – which practically saved her.  She was rescued on the ground by a woodsman nearby who heard the screams from the debris. The reason of the explosion stayed unknown, but it was suspected that the bomb was planted while the aircraft was in Copenhagen for a stopover.

Vesna Vulovic ended up in coma at first with lot of fractures, broken ribs, legs … and paralyzed temporarily from waist down. But she managed to get full recovery with time. And lived till age of 66, till last year.

Source: www.tn.nova.cz

Another fascinating thing about her was that she decided to return to aviation and work for the same airline but at a desk job. And she worked till 1990, when she was fired as she was demonstrating against the nationalistic political regime in Serbia. She actually never remembered what actually happened during the accident and her rescue. She even continued to fly as a passenger despite the accident, so love for flying was still “alive” inside her.


Classy Explorer

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>>> Love and Travel in connection

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway

You might wonder why I decided to write about this topic, but somehow I see love and travel interconnecting in so many way. Maybe it happened in your lives, or lives of people you know. To me for sure, almost all happened and here is what relations I came up with:

  • You could travel with someone you love –  And this is probably the best way to travel, especially if you know each other very well… or you are just getting to know each other. You can learn a lot from a person you travel with, about his/her habits, thinking, organizational skills etc. And the bond between you can get stronger if you really are a true match. Or you get to realize you may not be able to spend more time with him/her in the long run. You may also travel with friends you love, and then have the best times just being together where you are.

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With” –  Charles Schulz

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>>> First time experience in Stockholm

>>> First time experience in Stockholm

If you haven’t visited Stockholm yet, you must! Sweden’s capital is not only famous for the 2nd place with most Eurovision contest winners (as Stockholm was many times in focus for pop-music lovers), but for much more – and you will read in this post about my first time experience in Stockholm.

Stockholm is so far the only city in Scandinavia I’ve been. I had a chance to visit one of my best friends,  who used to live there for many years, and so had a pretty good guide around the city. In relation to that, I must admit  I didn’t really pay attention to the names of streets and places so much while I was there, so I sat now down to write and refresh my memory for those of you who would go to this cool city on their own there. And my final verdict is that Stockholm is awesome and you need to see it! 

My short-pointed explanation of Stockholm would be:
  • clean, structured and organized
  • with high security and control by the state – everything done by the book
  • expensive in general
  • hype, cool
  • cold-ish for my taste – in May when I was there it was either freezing due to cold wind or it was sunny but not so warm (although the locals were in flip-flops and shirts).

Stockholm is built on islands. When I visited Hamburg last year as well, I immediately said it reminded me of Stockholm, because of the similar style of buildings architecture and lots of bridges connecting different parts of the city. 

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>>> Why you must visit coast of Athens?

>>> Why you must visit coast of Athens?

I have been so many times, in Athens and Greece in general… I already wrote one post last year about my summer  holiday in Skiathos, and here I wanted to show you why I like coast of Athens and why you should not miss it.

Greece is one of my favorite countries in the World!

The reason why I had been at least 20 times in Greece is because when I was studying in Budapest, most of my friends were Greeks and thanks to them I got to love this beautiful country. And I will return to it many times in the future! What is more, I even learnt some basics of Greek language, so pame na doume ti egrapsa edw 🙂 (translation: let’s see what I wrote here) !

If you go to Athens for the first time (like I had done back in years when I was 18 with a school trip), it is ok to be  situated in the center and visit all the archaeological sites around. Even outside Athens like Corinth canal, Meteora monasteries, Delphi oracle


Center of Athens, is nice, but I must say is a bit dirty, especially the two main squares Omonia and Syntagma, and I would not recommend walking alone there at night, as there are a lot of men on the streets  (mostly from Albania). But if you are careful, believe me nothing can happen. During the day it is very busy there, lots of traffic and people going around, and nothing really to worry about.

Syntagma-classyexplorer Read more

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>>> The Winter is coming, which TV shows to watch?

I have been a big movie fanatic since early childhood, watching “Star Wars – Return of the Jedi” when I was just 4 years old and even a horror  movie “Halloween” at about similar age. So yes,  you can imagine that I can and like to watch different sorts of movies and my stomach can tolerate a lot. But at the same time I like sometimes to get really relaxed or to get really aroused by a certain story I am watching.

My favorite film genres are thrillers, comedies and good realistic & scary  movies. In the past few years, I have been more eager to watch TV shows instead of films, as they turned out to be more fun, more interesting – you have more episodes to follow in a row, they are more intense and keep your curiosity high, plus you can end up watching more of your favorite actors :-).

If you are not sure what TV shows to watch or start watching, but you have time and a will to devote your time to get yourself entertained, plus as the winter is coming slowly… these are my recommendations – I will sort them by genres.

Suspense / Action / thriller

NARCOS (3 seasons so far)First two seasons followed life and fall of Pablo Escobar and the third season was about the Cali cartel, all placed in Columbia. Actors are great, lots of Spanish language, good soundtracks. One of my fav TV shows ever.

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>>> Learn how Cabin Crew keep the glam look the entire time

Working for big Middle-Eastern “fancy” airlines, means that cabin and flight crew have to look immaculate  and according to certain grooming standards. For female cabin crew to keep the glam look the entire time, can be more challenging than for male crew, if you agree with me. 

The conditions in the aircraft – dry air, the pressure, the stress, the irregular flight timings… – all can cause our skins to become more oily, tired, make-up to spoil etc. Plus if someone has problems with IVF  (veins) on the legs, then wearing supportive long tights is must!  

It can be a bit stressful sometimes to keep it up really. Especially to take care of your face and uniform during the flight – to reapply lipsticks from time to time, or keep hair not to fall apart (after wearing the cabin crew hat), uniform to always be tucked in and not get dirty… 



As mentioned several times in my blog post before, PROFESSIONAL IMAGE is what is being looked for in a cabin crew. And that look has to be maintained on the ground, the whole flight, and after.  At he beginning of the cabin crew training, you would have  Grooming training  (below is a link to a video) to learn how to apply make-up, what are the best brands to use ( cabin crew from my experience, like brands like MAC, Bobby Brown, Make up Forever, Bare Minerals…) etc. Cabin crew like to use the best and/or organic based products. Sometime best  are not necessary the most expensive.  I remember I met so many crew who were buying La Prairie caviar based eye serum, but at the end were not that impressed with quality vs. its high price.  Read more

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>>> Where to say “YES” internationally?

Lot of girls dream of big weddings, with invites of around 150-200 people… Plus to wear white “princess” or “mermaid” wedding dress. To have traditional ceremonies and all the customs that are usual or expected by the family. And then go for a honeymoon trip to relax from all the stress of preparations and the actual wedding day.

Me personally, I was never a “wedding” freak in a sense to have wanted all of that… I just want my friends and I (plus my future hubby) to have a good time. I am also more and more desiring a simple ceremony with a few dear people, which would take place at some nice location, me being in a simple white dress with some cool shoes or sandals in strong color or bare foot if being at the beach.

If someone desires such weddings outside the city or home country (called destination wedding) , it can even be a good combination for wedding ceremony and the honeymoon. Plus a good continuing vacation for your invites. Read more

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>>> Informator za buduće stjuarde i stjuardese

Poručite ODMAH, i time investirajte u sebe! Uz minimalan trošak >>> za maksimalan učinak:

Informator kako da budete uspešan kandidat za budućeg stjuarda ili stjuardesu

za neku od najpoželjnijih arapskih avio-kompanija

Informator za buduće stjuarde i stjuardese je nastao iz želje da vam, kao bivša stjuardesa Emirates Airlines-a,  pomognem da budete najbolji kandidat  na nekom od kastinga koje arapske avio-kompanije organizuju u našem regionu.
Ako kupite ovaj Informator, garantujem vam vrlo koristan vodič o tome šta je sve moguće i šta se od vas očekuje prilikom selekcije kandidata. Pisan  je na “našem” jeziku kako bi vama, mladim ljudima iz regiona, bilo lakše za razumevanje.
U Informatoru (od 55 strana) dobićete sledeće:
  • Informacije, slike, primere o samom poslu, kvalifikacijama,  procesu selekcije, sa primerima za avio-kompanije kao što su Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways i Qatar Airways
  • Smernice kako napisati CV, pripremiti fotografije i kako se spremiti za engleski test, grupne vežbe, finalni intervju, a sve to sa dosta konkretnih primera
  • Garantovane su vam korisne i sažete informacije

PORUČITE  KLIKOM OVDE za samo €9.99 :

Poručivanjem ovog jednostavnog i praktičnog Informatora učinili ste vitalan korak napred u svojoj ambiciji za poslom snova!
Hvala unapred svima!
Classy Explorer (Mirela Vidaković Hadnađ)
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>>> Do I recommend Limassol?

>>>  Do I recommend Limassol?

Summer is still shortly here and some people are probably wondering where they could still go for vacation till let’s say October  -November. The question of where to go always gives us that headache, like for example the question “Where to spend New year’s eve?”… So yes, sometimes it is hard to choose where, and then with who, how to go…

My personal preferences, from someone coming from Europe, are the summer getaways in Greece and Croatia. Why? Simply because of  their beautiful seaside, beaches, architecture, food and the great local people. There are so many varieties where to go and what to see, that you can keep on coming to these countries back and back. So this is what suits my taste… but Montenegro, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus are also usual destinations for people who like to have vacation during months from June till October/November. I will definitely write about my top selections in general but here I would like to introduce a bit of Cyprus

I decided to visit Cyprus, more specifically Limassol, by the recommendation of my very good college Cypriot friend who is from there. Other cities worth to see  in Cyprus are Paphos, Larnaca (main airport) , Nicosia (capital) and Agia Napa (party place) but I didn’t have time see those during this time of visit. 

 Limassol is the place combining everything.

From relaxation to partying. 

limassol-old-port limassol-marina-day

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>>> 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far

As my birthday is slowly approaching in September, my mind goes deeper in thoughts, reflecting  all aspects of my life so far.
Am I one year wiser – not just one year older? Am I scarred more now or entirely cleansed and healed from something in the past?  So I figured out , why not to summarize what are the 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far, each for one year that I have till now :-).

I always liked to do  retrospective into my life, and realize mistakes or cherish the good accomplishments. And now here, through my personal blog I have the chance to give some thoughts and advice for the new generations.
Here are some of my beliefs, thoughts, advice, recommendations :

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>>> Explore Palma de Mallorca with me


If you have read my previous post about things to know when first time in Mallorca, then you will realize this this is just a continuation by showing you a bit more of Mallorca’s capital Palma (also the capital of all Balearic islands).

Mallorca in general is an island which offers variety of things to see and activities to do, so it doesn’t keep you locked within hotel and its amenities only. So you might be situated in Palma, or if not, make sure you go and visit it. 

Palma is a cultural and commercial center of Mallorca.  Thanks to its seaport,  it experienced a great economic growth throughout the history.  I was having my holiday in Can Pastilla (10 km from Palma), so with a good transportation, I visited Palma a few times. 

The city was more than I expected, not a typical seaside city, I must say it was pretty modern, stylish, crowded during the season (especially to get on the buses – which won’t stop if they are full)…. but very enjoyable. Due to its charm, and climate it left me an impression that I could live there for a few months.  So explore Palma de Mallorca here with me.


Palma was founded by Romans, then conquered by Byzantians, Moors, and the influences of each can be felt and seen throughout the city. It became a tourist destination in the ’50s, and ever since became one of the most popular travel destinations

Population of Palma is around 400,000 people. and its airport is the 3rd busiest in Spain, with around 25 million passengers landing yearly. I was watching and literally every 2 min one airplane lands onto Palma’s airport.  It attracts both mass and elite tourists.  

It offers a tremendous charm and elegance, a place with positive vibes and you will see now why. Read more

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>>> When first time in Mallorca good to know

I deliberately wrote the tile for this post as “when first time in Mallorca” (or Majorca as often also called), as I believe once you visit this island you will would want to return to it one day, just as I wish now. Especially that I am revoking the memories of it, by writing this post.


It is a beautiful Balearic island, part of Spain, opposite of its east coast and just across Africa. Ibiza and Menorca are also very close by, but Mallorca is the the largest island of all. The whole island has population  of around 900,000 inhabitants., and the predominant languages beside the Spanish are German and English.

Capital of Mallorca is Palma, as well as the capital of all Balearic Islands.  Island has also the so called Serra de Tramuntana (Unesco’s World heritage) – a mountain range with a length of 90 km and a width of 15 km at some point, that runs along the northwest coast of Mallorca. 

I heard so much about Mallorca from others but somehow I was delaying travelling there, until this summer when I decided to check it out. So buckle up, for a Majorcan ride to see how Classy Explorer experienced it 🙂


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>>> Why you fail at Cabin Crew Assessment Day?


I know from my own experience, that every Cabin Crew Assessment day or Open day (OD), for major airlines in the world, represents a big thing in lives of young people who would like to make their dreams come true and become cabin crew.

But since the amount of people that come to apply is always huge, and only 10% of candidates are maybe accepted, many are left with the question why they fail at the Cabin crew Assessment day. And reasonably these assessment days or ODs can be:

  • very stressful
  • exhausting
  • short since you get this small chance, and little time to represent yourself in the best manner
  • a direction to show if you are the right candidate
  • time to stand out in the crowd with your qualities

And yes, you need to be ready for it, and fulfill all the criteria needed. But believe me, luck is important too.  Being at the right time at the right place. Also, many think they are meant for this job, but aren’t really, so you do need to be as realistic as possible about your qualifications for becoming cabin crew.


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>>> Like drinking coffee? Check out my global coffee experience…

I must admit that I am kind of a “heavy” coffee drinker, since I really love the taste and the smell of a good coffee blend. Drinking coffee is part of my daily rituals. I like drinking wines as well, but coffee is probably what I drink most in a day, apart from water. I am not really a “tea person”, as I drink it only when I am sick or cold.

Back to coffee now. I drink one or two cups of coffee in the mornings, strong and dark, and one in the afternoon. I don’t take coffee with milk that often, because I heard coffee + milk is not really a good combination and it fats that way more… And because I  can not get to taste the real coffee if it is mixed with milk.  

Coffee is good for waking up in the mornings – it increases blood sugar a bit – they say it burns fat or just substitutes eating something when hungry (and you are on a diet) – lowers the risk of diabetes – is full of antioxidants  etc.

When I was younger I was drinking different types of coffees like Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte etc. But since recent years I prefer it black, like the Turkish or Greek one,  or long espresso, Americano (espresso with added hot water), filter coffee… and always NO SUGAR added.

I must say here that I am not advertising any of the brands mentioned below in the text, just giving you examples of what tastes I like.

Turkish or Greek coffee are cooked in a specific way, in a tin jar like on the photo:

Turkish-coffee Read more

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