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Since I started my blog and already wrote few posts for the potential cabin crew candidates, under the Cabin crew tutorial section, I  noticed a lot of inquiries coming to my inbox regarding the cabin crew requirements. More specifically asking my advice if they are fulfilling those requirements. So I decided to write down the basics,  for most of the Middle Easter’s airlines, and I also added even more important ones – in which cases you should NOT apply for cabin crew job.


Here are the basic cabin crew requirements:

  • At least 21 years of age at the time of joining (this is for Middle Easter airlines so if you are coming for open day as 20 years old, it is ok – as long as you do not join before 21), for European airlines it is 18 +
  • Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes, so without shoes
  • Minimum height of 160 cm – because you need to reach all the emergency equipment, hat racks and all the high containers, which can be heavy sometimes
  • High school graduate (Grade 12)
  • Fluency in English  (written and spoken) – it is a plus for you if you know other languages as well. They might put you then to cover flights to the countries where that language is spoken > like if you know German then you might  get more of German, Austrian and/o Swiss flights 
  • No visible tattoos !!  (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted). If you have a tattoo which is completely covered by clothes/uniform then it is ok
  • No dental braces or bad teeth (visible when you smile) – so if you think you have some problems with it,  go and fix those at your dentist before coming for an Open day
  • No body or too many ear piercings (just one set of pearl or small earrings is the best option)
  • No criminal record whatsoever
  • Valid passport to travel freely
  • Physically/medically fit to meet aircrew requirements – regarding weight BMI (Body mass index) index to be fulfilled

** Some other airlines like Etihad Airways might require you to be a  good swimmer or at least confident to be in water (in case of ditching and helping others in the water). Or to have some prior customer care experience or medical experience – but it is not crucial

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Now here are some additional questions asked frequently, so read carefully

These are important to read, since I met some crew while I was flying, sadly to say this, but who were not really fit to fly – either mentally or physically. They actually cheated at the beginning when applying for the job or failed to say these things about themselves… But with time someone there does notice it and you can be expelled for retrieving that information about yourself. I know many want to do this job so badly, but you can work against your self, putting yourself into danger as well as others around you. 

(if I missed some points please let me know in the comments or to my mailbox)

  • Am I being too old to be accepted by an airline? – Well this question is a bit tricky to answer since airlines tend to be flexible and rarely specify the age limit. You might look quite young for your age, or you might have good previous airline or customer care experience, so age can be less important.  But usually the maximum age an airline prefers to accept is around 30, and only sometimes up to 32-34 years. Reason is also because younger people are healthier and physically can bear more sleepless nights, changing climates and working harder under stress and hurry
  • Am I being too fat for a cabin crew? – Well, it is preferable to be physically fit, healthy and thinner, so to look nice in uniform and move with ease along the aisles in the aircraft. which can be quite narrow. You do need to fit into BMI (Body Mass Index) standard requirements. I know it looks discriminating, but hey….not everyone should be chosen to represent such a successful and big airline…You should look nice, decent and like someone who is taking good care of her/himself. Otherwise, how to really represent the image of the company…?
  • I can not swim, so is that a problem? – As I mentioned above, not all airlines require this, but in my opinion it is advisable of course…You will be trained on ditching (landing into water), so you will need to get into cold pool with life-jackets and show how good you behave in the water, saving lives… Plus, you will be flying and staying at some destinations where beach, sea or the hotel swimming pools are the main activities to do, so pity to miss those right 😉
  • If I have back pains like sciatica or lumbago, should I apply then at all? – Definitely NOT if you already have big pains! Doing this job will harm you even more then and it can go into even more disastrous conditions, which I would not gamble with. Cabin crew job is a lot about bending, carrying heavy stuff….so for those who have back problems, it is really not a good job option
  • If I am on medications…like for epilepsy or some heart issues..can I apply? NO. NO. NO…These are some conditions that despite you taking medication, it can happen anytime, anywhere and you can end up in danger, as well as people around you (or imagine happening to you on some flight or in a hotel when no one is around to help you – so it can be fatal)
  • If I am bi-polar or have multiple sclerosis can I still do this job? – Again NO! Even though you may have it under control, these are conditions which are unpredictable and must not be misused
  • If I have problem with deep vein thrombosis (DVT)? – Not recommended to fly so it is up to your risk, since in the air the pressure adn oxygen get lower, and at high elevations it leads to dehydrating effect that makes blood slower and making blood clots.  One way to prevent this is to wear compression stockings, which put gentle pressure on the leg muscles
  • If I easily lose temper and can not control my anger sometimes?– Please do not apply, this is a job for people with patience and calm character and attitude
  • If I got rejected should I apply again? –  If you got rejected online, you still might have  a chance when they see you on an Open day, so wait a bit… Revise your application and apply again. If you fail during Open day examinations, apply after 6 months but try to enhance areas where you think you failed. And if you got rejected after the final interview, then you need to wait definitely one year, and get yourself better prepared.

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