>>> Vesna Vulovic – stewardess who survived an airplane crash

Just a few days ago,  it was a death anniversary of an aviation legend Vesna Vulovic,  a stewardess who survived airplane crash from 33,000 ft back in 1972, and so became a legend in aviation.

Vesna Vulovic was one of the cabin crew for JAT  Yugoslav airlines, when the aircraft Douglas DC-9  blew up in the air above snowy mountain ranges of ones Czechoslovakia. She was the sole survivor from that airplane crash and so entered the Guinness World Records in in 1985 for the “highest fall survived without a parachute. (Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com). Unfortunately, all the rest of the crew and passengers died.

Source: http://www.globalmediaplanet.info/vesna-vulovic-serbian-stewardess-who-survived-plane-explosion-10000-meter-fall-in-1972-dies-at-66/

She was lucky to have survived an airplane crash most probably because she was in the tail section of the aircraft and trapped by a food court – which practically saved her.  She was rescued on the ground by a woodsman nearby who heard the screams from the debris. The reason of the explosion stayed unknown, but it was suspected that the bomb was planted while the aircraft was in Copenhagen for a stopover.

Vesna Vulovic ended up in coma at first with lot of fractures, broken ribs, legs … and paralyzed temporarily from waist down. But she managed to get full recovery with time. And lived till age of 66, till last year.

Source: www.tn.nova.cz

Another fascinating thing about her was that she decided to return to aviation and work for the same airline but at a desk job. And she worked till 1990, when she was fired as she was demonstrating against the nationalistic political regime in Serbia. She actually never remembered what actually happened during the accident and her rescue. She even continued to fly as a passenger despite the accident, so love for flying was still “alive” inside her.


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>>> Interesting facts about having a falcon on board

While I was flying as an Emirates  cabin crew, one of the most interesting things I discovered was that we could get a bird falcon as a passenger. Yes, no kidding – you could be having a falcon on board sitting next to you. I was supposed to have it on  one of my flights, but as or plane was delayed, they finally didn’t board the falcon.

I was quite interested how it would look like, what would be reactions by other passengers, crew… but unfortunately didn’t see it in person. I wanted to show you in this post why falcons are so important in Middle East and why they are rare animals that can fly in airplane’s cabin.

See example how it may look like (taken from Internet sources):

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ 

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>>> Recommended aviation themed movies

A few months back I provided a list of my favorite travel themed movies, which inspired me or still inspire to travel. Since aviation is my second biggest passion in life beside travel, I prepared now a list of my favorite aviation themed movies which I recommend if you have not seen them already.

These are aviation based as either the story of the movies is around a fighter jet or commercial pilot, battle in the air, spending time at the airport, helicopters or great part of the movie takes place inside the airplane, with some cabin crew involved as supporting acting leads.

So airplanes, airports, pilot, cabin crew….:-) I would like to add that I didn’t include Bond movies, although they all have some kind of action with airplanes or helicopter, and this list would be just too long.

Here is the list of 12 movies that I recommend:

 1. Top Gun (1986)


One of the favorite movies for most of the people, as it gave iconic picture of an handsome young fighter jet pilot with some cool pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and aviator leather jacket. There is a love story also involved between a young hot-shot pilot (Tom Cruise) and older instructor woman (Kelly McGillis).  Read more

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>>> Aviation vocabulary for cabin crew

First thing you would learn on the Aviation college is NATO Alphabet, as a core of aviation vocabulary. It is important in aviation (as in military) since crew often speak among themselves in codes, in order to pass each other some important or alarming info. It is used also for example for mentioning aircraft registrations e.g B777 – EMY (Echo, Mike,  Yankee).

Here is an alphabet and it is good to start learning it as soon as possible, so give a try:

Now next what I wanted to do in this post, about aviation vocabulary for cabin crew, is that I tried to combine some terms I came across during my cabin crew career and words that are mostly used, based on categories rather than by alphabet. Read more

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>>> 11 airplane passenger types cabin crew deal with

Working as a cabin crew gives you an opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, and learn about various nationalities and cultures. BELIEVE ME – some stereotypes you might have heard about certain nationalities, actually are TRUE :-)! Passengers (PAX) are the most important on the flight, as they paid their ticket a lot and want to enjoy the full luxury of it -> get the food they want (if there are several meal choices), be served whenever they ask for it, and be treated with respect.  

We, as cabin crew on Emirates Airlines, were trained for example to deliver excellent service with premium products on-board. But… sometimes, on certain flights, we had passengers which could be tough and hard to deal with, so causing us big troubles. Crew members would try to respond perfectly to the given situations, of course. 


Let’s see certain airplane passenger types I came across during my cabin crew career

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>>> Is skydiving on your bucket list ?

I started this year’s writing with a post about making a bucket list, which can serve you as it serves me, like a guide to what I would like to do, see or achieve during my lifetime. Always better to  keep it written, and if in nice format even better. If you missed the post about the bucket list in general, click HERE

SKYDIVING was on my bucket list for a long time, and I am glad I already ticked it off just few years ago. And here I will be talking about doing it as a tandem jump, since free fall is for a bit more enthusiastic people and it requires a bit more of training. Tandem jump is an awesome experience, you will see n this post.

Is maybe skydiving also on your bucket list?

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>>> Interview with flight attendant Classy Explorer (guest blog by Tigrest)

I am so happy to show you the interview done by my inspiring fellow travel blogger – Maria a.k.a. Tigrest with me being a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. I thank her for taking an interest in me and posting this as part of her blog.  Here is a small preview about it:

“Looking over my past posts, I realized that airline related articles (airline secrets) are among the most popular ones so far. In order to add some fresh content and mix it up, I asked my fellow blogger and friend – Mirela, The Classy Explorer – to answer a few questions related to her flight attendant career. Here is the full Interview with flight attendant Classy Explorer…..”

In order to read more click HERE to read the full article.

Interview with flight attendant


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>>> Flying experience in an airplane simulator

I am a big aviation  “geek” and quite known among my friends how much I love airplanes and flying (you can read HERE more why it is the case). In relation to that,  I had recently been invited by a dear friend to have a flying experience held in the private Boeing 737-300 simulator in Belgrade. Soon its location is going to be at Belgrade’s airport, so if you are still thinking of trying it or you are already learning to become a pilot but need practice, there will be a chance for that. 

I  wanted to fly helicopters actually as well, but since that was not possible back in time, I am glad that I even saw how it might look like holding the handles of an airplane. 

As my deceased father was a pilot for Boeing 727 and 737, back in the days when passengers could sit in a cockpit (prior to September 11, 2001), I already had an opportunity to sit with him once on a flight to London, when I was like 16. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but these are like 20 years old :-).

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I would like to share this blog post by dearest fellow blogger whom I like reading a lot, Tigrest Travel blog, and it is about 20 airline secrets you won’t hear from pilots or cabin crew. Another reason I am sharing it is becasue it relates to the airlines, and so we have a common topic.

And there is a reason why they are kept secret… 

To find out more click HERE to read the full post. I hope you will enjoy it too :-)!


Classy Explorer

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>>> Planning trip on your own – my tips for you

How do I travel?

When travelling , many people use travel agencies in order to get predetermined, already booked in advance, group travel options, with fixed dates. Which, is, I must say, much easier than planning trip on your own, especially when you are OK with the terms and conditions the agency is providing. Here I mean the dates for travel – as usually they refer to the charter flights or some regular flights on which agency gets some %  deal off  – and the choices of hotels which the agencies are also in deal with. Also agencies offer  services of tour guides  along, but I din’t have some good experiences with that so far, so that extra money that I pay for the service (included in the overall price) is not worth it.

I usually use travel agency when going for a longer vacation, more specifically in the summer, as I do not want to hassle with airplane tickets, transfers to the accommodation etc. In these cases I want to get everything served to me with the least stress. But still to get the maximum quality out of it -which is not always the case (depending on the tour operators used, etc).

For shorter trips, mainly around Europe, or when I go to visit someone I know (so providing me accommodation already) I like to book all on my own – so be my own agent :-). And it always pays off, since then I am flexible with the departure and return timings, choices of the accommodations – to be in more central areas so  to walk around and not spend too much time in metros, buses…

Therefore, I would like to give you few tips which websites, tools I use when planning my trips so it can help you with yours in the future. Read more

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>>> Do you have fear of flying?


People often ask me questions like if I ever had a fear of flying, or if I got scared during my time working as a cabin crew… But as my father was a pilot and so flying and actual travel by air were so normal in my family, and so naturally I have had NO fear of it so far. Ever since I was little I loved flying and loved airplanes. I even had opportunity to fly once with my father, and sit in the cockpit for the whole flight (that was OK before September 11th but after the terrorism attack no one is allowed to enter cockpit anymore). 

My father used to tell me always that flying in airplanes is the safest means of transportationMuch safer than driving  a car or a motorbike. All the statistics show the same. 

So are you afraid of flying?

This can a be a big problem especially if you are travelling long distances, which involves being in a closed space for a long time. Yes – you want to get to the lovely destination, but how to manage it and stay calm the whole time. Sometimes you might miss some important events or see some lovely friends due to this disturbing issue, so I decided to devote this post about it. Read more

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>>> Check if you were born to travel?

Some people have that “gene” expressed maybe more than in others, which drives them to go somewhere no matter what… with or without budget… To discover, explore, experience, learn and collect these memories into souvenirs, or some stories to be told or written down to people who like to read/listen about it. So many times I heard people telling me they would like to travel and would go here and there, but they don’t do anything or at least not much about it. And this is what I do not understand and what makes a difference… Because, I believe that whoever REALLY wants to travel, he/she will make it happen, in this or the other way, and quite soon after the idea comes to his/her mind. Myself, and people like me, even took up a job of a cabin crew to do it >> in order to see a lot of places in a short period of time. Therefore, for me there are no excuses and people like me know what I am talking about.

So let’s see if you are the same? 🙂  Let me know if  I left out something, so to add it…If you find yourself in most of the points bellow, then you are definitely born to travel. Read more

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