>>> First time experience in Stockholm

>>> First time experience in Stockholm

If you haven’t visited Stockholm yet, you must! Sweden’s capital is not only famous for the 2nd place with most Eurovision contest winners (as Stockholm was many times in focus for pop-music lovers), but for much more – and you will read in this post about my first time experience in Stockholm.

Stockholm is so far the only city in Scandinavia I’ve been. I had a chance to visit one of my best friends,  who used to live there for many years, and so had a pretty good guide around the city. In relation to that, I must admit  I didn’t really pay attention to the names of streets and places so much while I was there, so I sat now down to write and refresh my memory for those of you who would go to this cool city on their own there. And my final verdict is that Stockholm is awesome and you need to see it! 

My short-pointed explanation of Stockholm would be:
  • clean, structured and organized
  • with high security and control by the state – everything done by the book
  • expensive in general
  • hype, cool
  • cold-ish for my taste – in May when I was there it was either freezing due to cold wind or it was sunny but not so warm (although the locals were in flip-flops and shirts).

Stockholm is built on islands. When I visited Hamburg last year as well, I immediately said it reminded me of Stockholm, because of the similar style of buildings architecture and lots of bridges connecting different parts of the city. 

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>>> Why you must visit coast of Athens?

>>> Why you must visit coast of Athens?

I have been so many times, in Athens and Greece in general… I already wrote one post last year about my summer  holiday in Skiathos, and here I wanted to show you why I like coast of Athens and why you should not miss it.

Greece is one of my favorite countries in the World!

The reason why I had been at least 20 times in Greece is because when I was studying in Budapest, most of my friends were Greeks and thanks to them I got to love this beautiful country. And I will return to it many times in the future! What is more, I even learnt some basics of Greek language, so pame na doume ti egrapsa edw 🙂 (translation: let’s see what I wrote here) !

If you go to Athens for the first time (like I had done back in years when I was 18 with a school trip), it is ok to be  situated in the center and visit all the archaeological sites around. Even outside Athens like Corinth canal, Meteora monasteries, Delphi oracle


Center of Athens, is nice, but I must say is a bit dirty, especially the two main squares Omonia and Syntagma, and I would not recommend walking alone there at night, as there are a lot of men on the streets  (mostly from Albania). But if you are careful, believe me nothing can happen. During the day it is very busy there, lots of traffic and people going around, and nothing really to worry about.

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>>> Where to say “YES” internationally?

Lot of girls dream of big weddings, with invites of around 150-200 people… Plus to wear white “princess” or “mermaid” wedding dress. To have traditional ceremonies and all the customs that are usual or expected by the family. And then go for a honeymoon trip to relax from all the stress of preparations and the actual wedding day.

Me personally, I was never a “wedding” freak in a sense to have wanted all of that… I just want my friends and I (plus my future hubby) to have a good time. I am also more and more desiring a simple ceremony with a few dear people, which would take place at some nice location, me being in a simple white dress with some cool shoes or sandals in strong color or bare foot if being at the beach.

If someone desires such weddings outside the city or home country (called destination wedding) , it can even be a good combination for wedding ceremony and the honeymoon. Plus a good continuing vacation for your invites. Read more

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>>> Do I recommend Limassol?

>>>  Do I recommend Limassol?

Summer is still shortly here and some people are probably wondering where they could still go for vacation till let’s say October  -November. The question of where to go always gives us that headache, like for example the question “Where to spend New year’s eve?”… So yes, sometimes it is hard to choose where, and then with who, how to go…

My personal preferences, from someone coming from Europe, are the summer getaways in Greece and Croatia. Why? Simply because of  their beautiful seaside, beaches, architecture, food and the great local people. There are so many varieties where to go and what to see, that you can keep on coming to these countries back and back. So this is what suits my taste… but Montenegro, Spain, Turkey and Cyprus are also usual destinations for people who like to have vacation during months from June till October/November. I will definitely write about my top selections in general but here I would like to introduce a bit of Cyprus

I decided to visit Cyprus, more specifically Limassol, by the recommendation of my very good college Cypriot friend who is from there. Other cities worth to see  in Cyprus are Paphos, Larnaca (main airport) , Nicosia (capital) and Agia Napa (party place) but I didn’t have time see those during this time of visit. 

 Limassol is the place combining everything.

From relaxation to partying. 

limassol-old-port limassol-marina-day

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>>> Explore Palma de Mallorca with me


If you have read my previous post about things to know when first time in Mallorca, then you will realize this this is just a continuation by showing you a bit more of Mallorca’s capital Palma (also the capital of all Balearic islands).

Mallorca in general is an island which offers variety of things to see and activities to do, so it doesn’t keep you locked within hotel and its amenities only. So you might be situated in Palma, or if not, make sure you go and visit it. 

Palma is a cultural and commercial center of Mallorca.  Thanks to its seaport,  it experienced a great economic growth throughout the history.  I was having my holiday in Can Pastilla (10 km from Palma), so with a good transportation, I visited Palma a few times. 

The city was more than I expected, not a typical seaside city, I must say it was pretty modern, stylish, crowded during the season (especially to get on the buses – which won’t stop if they are full)…. but very enjoyable. Due to its charm, and climate it left me an impression that I could live there for a few months.  So explore Palma de Mallorca here with me.


Palma was founded by Romans, then conquered by Byzantians, Moors, and the influences of each can be felt and seen throughout the city. It became a tourist destination in the ’50s, and ever since became one of the most popular travel destinations

Population of Palma is around 400,000 people. and its airport is the 3rd busiest in Spain, with around 25 million passengers landing yearly. I was watching and literally every 2 min one airplane lands onto Palma’s airport.  It attracts both mass and elite tourists.  

It offers a tremendous charm and elegance, a place with positive vibes and you will see now why. Read more

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>>> When first time in Mallorca good to know

I deliberately wrote the tile for this post as “when first time in Mallorca” (or Majorca as often also called), as I believe once you visit this island you will would want to return to it one day, just as I wish now. Especially that I am revoking the memories of it, by writing this post.


It is a beautiful Balearic island, part of Spain, opposite of its east coast and just across Africa. Ibiza and Menorca are also very close by, but Mallorca is the the largest island of all. The whole island has population  of around 900,000 inhabitants., and the predominant languages beside the Spanish are German and English.

Capital of Mallorca is Palma, as well as the capital of all Balearic Islands.  Island has also the so called Serra de Tramuntana (Unesco’s World heritage) – a mountain range with a length of 90 km and a width of 15 km at some point, that runs along the northwest coast of Mallorca. 

I heard so much about Mallorca from others but somehow I was delaying travelling there, until this summer when I decided to check it out. So buckle up, for a Majorcan ride to see how Classy Explorer experienced it 🙂


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>>> 5 reasons to explore Malta

Malta is an amazing island, and would definitely suggest to everyone to go and enjoy its beauties. It is not as popular among tourists like Spain or Italy, and it is similar  in popularity to for example Madera,…but this post might open your horizon of choices when deciding to see some unique places.  I will give you 5 reasons to explore Malta before planning your next trip.

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>>> My favorite Budapest Xmas markets

Upcoming Xmas is one of the nicest holidays in a year, and especially if you get the chance to be during December somewhere in central or northern Europe. I was lucky to visit several Xmas markets so far, and I can tell you from my experience that the most beautiful ones are in Austrian, Swiss and German cities… as well as in Budapest – which is for me the most favorite one. Why? Maybe because I am emotionally attached to the city (feeling originating from my studying years there) and because I really love the fact that there are so many city areas where you can see some Xmas markets.

Most common Xmas market’s gastronomic offerings are mulled wine ( this year I even tried white one with oranges, honey and ginger), apple punch, grilled sausages, stuffed cabbage, roasted pork, potato cake (tócsni), langos (Hungarian fried bread) with cheese and sour cream,  Chimney cake (Kürtőskalács), strudels etc. I usually take mulled wine and sometimes fried sausages though my eyes get hungry for everything there when I see it. But prices are a bit higher than usual, for example mulled wine 3 dl is around 3 euros. Food in general from 3-5 euros. 

Here are a few Budapest Xmas markets around the city:


One of my favorite buildings in Budapest and magnificent architectural piece of work is definitely the St Stephens Basilica (Szent István Basilika). I simply love going inside, lighting up a candle… Once even attended friend’s wedding there. And more to my happiness, there is a nice Xmas market in front with an ice ring for the kids. Here are few photos to depict it. Read more

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>>> Seville – city for music and food lovers

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you already read my blog about Seville,, if not CLICK HERE, as now I will try to present you what I enjoyed most eating and experiencing while in the streets of Seville. I already mentioned that Madrid charmed me with food delicacies, but when I came down to Seville I discovered  more traditional Andalusian food prepared with some cool ingredients.

Also I could hear music everywhere on the streets so this post is for food and music lovers who will hopefully enjoy it. For example I liked the scene where some kids were dancing and singing flamenco on the street, in typical flamenco dressing.

flamenco-at-street-seville Read more

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>>> Wanna visit sunny and lively Seville?

As part of my recent visit to Spain, I decided to give chance to visit to at least one city in Andalusia. And I chose Seville, even though initially the plan was to see Granada, Cordoba… (so next time then…). But I thought to myself – if I fall in love with Seville, I will love the rest of the Andalusia’s cities as well. And so I did, so looking forward to visiting the rest of it sometime in the near future. Plus Seville is one of the largest cities in Spain, with around 700,000 residents (data from 2011), so it was a good point to start with.

I took a fast train from Madrid to Spain, which takes about 2 hours and is pretty comfortable. Though my TIPP is to pre-book the train tickets way before, which you can do online on Renfe  (Spanish railways), as they tend to rise just like airline tickets, and the prices can go really high or simply with no seats left. So if you book much earlier, you can get good deals.

Regarding accommodation again I was using Airbnb platform and I had a really nice flat in the center of Seville, just 5 min walking from the main attractions. The host was very kind and actually showed us many interesting things in Seville, acting as kind of a tour guide.

As soon as I stepped out of a train in Seville I felt a bit different >> it was hot, sunny, with 27 degrees in the beginning of November and day lasts long till 20-21h. I could not believe it, as in Madrid I was still wearing coat in the mornings and evenings.  

seville-streets-classyexplorer Read more

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>>> Gastronomic experience in Madrid

I hope you enjoyed my previous post about what to see in Madrid where I gave you some good tips from my recent trip to Spain. If not please CLICK HERE to read it, as this post is continuation of it.  And I would like to dedicate it to the gastronomic experience I had throughout this trip. 

Madrid is so alive, so cheerful and one of the main reasons for that, beside its people, is that you can hear music everywhere: on streets, in bars, shops…and you can eat such delicious food everywhere.

Yes food, OMG I loved it! Complete “foodporn”! During this trip I ate some quite exquisite things – as I would not eat those at home. I wanted to try everything there since that is the goal of any trip > to pick the most out of the city, country, culture…

As I mentioned in the post about Madrid, you can find shops selling Spanish ham, sausages, cheese…called for example Jamoneria, or Museum of Jamon. And they are found on many places throughout the town, where you can buy as well as eat – usually standing, so good spots to have some street bites. Or there are also many cute places in the center, called Tapas & Wines or Caffe & Tapas…where you can grab few tapas and a glass of Spanish wine.


One place I MUST stress out and my favorite one in Madrid is Mercado de Sen Miguel. It is located just few steps from Plaza Mayor and just at the  Plaza de San IldefonsoI loved this place so much, so I returned there even twice after the initial experience and let me show you why is that. Read more

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>>> Why I love Madrid!

Madrid me gusta mucho! I love Madrid!

I just returned from a nice holiday in Spain, visiting a bit of Madrid, Seville and Toledo, so the information I will provide in this post will be completely fresh! So much to say, photos can not depict the real beauty but I will do my best. I had such a great time there, that I will for sure go back there again one day and so want to show you and incite you to visit these places soon!


Spain has a fantastic climate, and going there now at the end of October, I couldn’t expect nicer weather than I had. Lovely, sunny weather in Madrid and in Seville even around 27 degrees. Though in Madrid every day I took a coat with me, as in the mornings and late evenings it gets cooler or if you are in the shade during the day… But most of the time I was without the coat and enjoying the sun shinning down on me :-).

People were so nice and friendly, smiley…and to my surprise there were not so many tourists like I had experienced before in Barcelona. They do not really speak good English there, so it is really advisable to learn some basic phrases or words if you need to find your way around. Also, there was supposed to be like a siesta time in the midday but honestly, in the center, I didn’t feel it – all the shops were open most of the time, even during the pubic holiday (November 1st) or on Sunday – so it was pretty great.

I also enjoyed tasty food anywhere I ate, with so many delicacies which are not common to eat often in my country. Not to forget that I enjoyed drinking delicious Spanish red wines, Sangria and beer with lemon whenever I could, but I will write more in the next post. Read more

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>>> Strolling in autumn along West Berlin

Visiting Berlin was my wish since being a teenager, when my best friend was spending months there at her sister’s and telling me stories about the city. She was vividly explaining to me how the city center looks like and how people have crazy clothing styles and hairs. 

Once I finally went to Berlin  for one extended weekend ( I had short time just to see a bit of West Berlin and didn’t have time to go to East part), it was exactly how I imagined regarding the street fashion. But all in all I was not that impressed at first sight – better to say it was “not my kin of a scene”. Here I mean mainly on what I saw on the streets as I prefer classier style rather than grundge, punk, blue/violet hairs, piercings all over the bodies, suspicious looking young people etc. Also Turkish and Arab minorities prevail in the city, but they do not bother anyone. 


What I liked and didn’t like about West Berlin

I have visited many German cities like Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, and recently Hamburg and a couple of lower Saxony cities, and Berlin actually left me the least impression from all. Why? I found it to be very dirty.  I heard also that the standard in Berlin is much lower than in the rest of Germany so that could be an explanation for the fact that people on the streets were looking quite down. Read more

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>>> Planning trip on your own – my tips for you

How do I travel?

When travelling , many people use travel agencies in order to get predetermined, already booked in advance, group travel options, with fixed dates. Which, is, I must say, much easier than planning trip on your own, especially when you are OK with the terms and conditions the agency is providing. Here I mean the dates for travel – as usually they refer to the charter flights or some regular flights on which agency gets some %  deal off  – and the choices of hotels which the agencies are also in deal with. Also agencies offer  services of tour guides  along, but I din’t have some good experiences with that so far, so that extra money that I pay for the service (included in the overall price) is not worth it.

I usually use travel agency when going for a longer vacation, more specifically in the summer, as I do not want to hassle with airplane tickets, transfers to the accommodation etc. In these cases I want to get everything served to me with the least stress. But still to get the maximum quality out of it -which is not always the case (depending on the tour operators used, etc).

For shorter trips, mainly around Europe, or when I go to visit someone I know (so providing me accommodation already) I like to book all on my own – so be my own agent :-). And it always pays off, since then I am flexible with the departure and return timings, choices of the accommodations – to be in more central areas so  to walk around and not spend too much time in metros, buses…

Therefore, I would like to give you few tips which websites, tools I use when planning my trips so it can help you with yours in the future. Read more

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>>> When having couple of hours in Split

Split city is a major transportation hub on the Adriatic sea, so anyone who is going to some of the Dalmatian islands in Croatia like Hvar, Korcula, Brac, Vis etc. might have some free time to spend in the city. It might be the time gap between the ferry boat or Catamaran and the flight or bus from/to Split, so why not to see what can you expect in Split during that “waiting” period.

It happened to me three times that I needed to spend a couple of hours in Split when I was going to Hvar island ( I already wrote a post about Hvar which you can read HERE). So I decided to show you how I enjoyed those free times in this lovely coastal city called Split.


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>>> Visiting Hamburg for few hours

I was visiting Hamburg twice but shortly – it was just for couple of hours, though I wish I spend more time one day, when I visit this part of Germany again.  

The first time I visited it was on a 31st of December six years ago, and it was freezing cold as I remember. I was flying at the time for Emirates airlines so we had a layover there for New Year’s. But I was so tired due to time difference between Dubai and Germany as well as working on a flight, so I took a walk with one Indian and Chinese girl (two mega powers as I say :-)) and we walked around, drank some boiled wine, ate something and went back to hotel. Basically, I spent the New Year’s in a hotel room, sleeping 😛 (problem with cabin crew job is that holidays are not really holidays for us). But it seemed to me on the first glance that Hamburg is a very nice city indeed and worth visiting again.

Second time just happened recently, and I was actually staying in Lower Saxony part of Germany, but paid a visit to Hamburg to catch its vibe again. It was Sunday though when nothing, absolutely nothing works, except cafes and restaurants – so my options were to walk around the center, eat, drink something and enjoy the scenery.  Read more

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