>>> Learn how Cabin Crew keep the glam look the entire time

Working for big Middle-Eastern “fancy” airlines, means that cabin and flight crew have to look immaculate  and according to certain grooming standards. For female cabin crew to keep the glam look the entire time, can be more challenging than for male crew, if you agree with me. 

The conditions in the aircraft – dry air, the pressure, the stress, the irregular flight timings… – all can cause our skins to become more oily, tired, make-up to spoil etc. Plus if someone has problems with IVF  (veins) on the legs, then wearing supportive long tights is must!  

It can be a bit stressful sometimes to keep it up really. Especially to take care of your face and uniform during the flight – to reapply lipsticks from time to time, or keep hair not to fall apart (after wearing the cabin crew hat), uniform to always be tucked in and not get dirty… 



As mentioned several times in my blog post before, PROFESSIONAL IMAGE is what is being looked for in a cabin crew. And that look has to be maintained on the ground, the whole flight, and after.  At he beginning of the cabin crew training, you would have  Grooming training  (below is a link to a video) to learn how to apply make-up, what are the best brands to use ( cabin crew from my experience, like brands like MAC, Bobby Brown, Make up Forever, Bare Minerals…) etc. Cabin crew like to use the best and/or organic based products. Sometime best  are not necessary the most expensive.  I remember I met so many crew who were buying La Prairie caviar based eye serum, but at the end were not that impressed with quality vs. its high price.  Read more

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>>> Informator za buduće stjuarde i stjuardese

Poručite ODMAH, i time investirajte u sebe! Uz minimalan trošak >>> za maksimalan učinak:

Informator kako da budete uspešan kandidat za budućeg stjuarda ili stjuardesu

za neku od najpoželjnijih arapskih avio-kompanija

Informator za buduće stjuarde i stjuardese je nastao iz želje da vam, kao bivša stjuardesa Emirates Airlines-a,  pomognem da budete najbolji kandidat  na nekom od kastinga koje arapske avio-kompanije organizuju u našem regionu.
Ako kupite ovaj Informator, garantujem vam vrlo koristan vodič o tome šta je sve moguće i šta se od vas očekuje prilikom selekcije kandidata. Pisan  je na “našem” jeziku kako bi vama, mladim ljudima iz regiona, bilo lakše za razumevanje.
U Informatoru (od 55 strana) dobićete sledeće:
  • Informacije, slike, primere o samom poslu, kvalifikacijama,  procesu selekcije, sa primerima za avio-kompanije kao što su Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways i Qatar Airways
  • Smernice kako napisati CV, pripremiti fotografije i kako se spremiti za engleski test, grupne vežbe, finalni intervju, a sve to sa dosta konkretnih primera
  • Garantovane su vam korisne i sažete informacije

PORUČITE  KLIKOM OVDE za samo €9.99 :

Poručivanjem ovog jednostavnog i praktičnog Informatora učinili ste vitalan korak napred u svojoj ambiciji za poslom snova!
Hvala unapred svima!
Classy Explorer (Mirela Vidaković Hadnađ)
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>>> Why you fail at Cabin Crew Assessment Day?


I know from my own experience, that every Cabin Crew Assessment day or Open day (OD), for major airlines in the world, represents a big thing in lives of young people who would like to make their dreams come true and become cabin crew.

But since the amount of people that come to apply is always huge, and only 10% of candidates are maybe accepted, many are left with the question why they fail at the Cabin crew Assessment day. And reasonably these assessment days or ODs can be:

  • very stressful
  • exhausting
  • short since you get this small chance, and little time to represent yourself in the best manner
  • a direction to show if you are the right candidate
  • time to stand out in the crowd with your qualities

And yes, you need to be ready for it, and fulfill all the criteria needed. But believe me, luck is important too.  Being at the right time at the right place. Also, many think they are meant for this job, but aren’t really, so you do need to be as realistic as possible about your qualifications for becoming cabin crew.


Read more

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>>> 10 things cabin crew should never do

If you were reading my posts in the cabin crew tutorial section, you could find posts with explaining how to become cabin crew, how it looks to work in different cabins, and what passengers you can expect and how to treat them. This post I wrote to point out what are NOT the cabin crew duties or rules of behavior – so 10 things cabin crew should never do. This is mostly related to Middle Eastern or Asian airlines, though other airlines also follow most of these rules.

Therefore, cabin crew should NEVER:

Read more

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>>> Meeting with future Qatar Airways cabin crew

I wanted to show you an example of a great girl called Dragana who is becoming Qatar Airways cabin crew very soon. I met her couple of months ago through my Instagram account, when we had a few English lessons, in order to relax when speaking in English and work on avoiding any kind of fear from the whole recruitment process. I think it will be very interesting what she had to say, plus I added some additional comments from my side.

Let’s get started! 🙂

Hello Dragana! First of all, thanks for participating in this interviewing  meeting! I am fond of making this kind of interviews for future cabin crew candidates, so to give them as much info as possible, and of course to be as relevant as can be.  

With Dragana’s story I wanted to show everyone that being persistent does pay off… And  also how the recruitment process differs between Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. Read more

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>>> Aviation vocabulary for cabin crew

First thing you would learn on the Aviation college is NATO Alphabet, as a core of aviation vocabulary. It is important in aviation (as in military) since crew often speak among themselves in codes, in order to pass each other some important or alarming info. It is used also for example for mentioning aircraft registrations e.g B777 – EMY (Echo, Mike,  Yankee).

Here is an alphabet and it is good to start learning it as soon as possible, so give a try:

Now next what I wanted to do in this post, about aviation vocabulary for cabin crew, is that I tried to combine some terms I came across during my cabin crew career and words that are mostly used, based on categories rather than by alphabet. Read more

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>>> More cabin crew job Q & As

I have already written a self-interview post answering some of the basic questions I was getting all these years. Just recently it happened that I was also interviewed by a fellow blogger where I answered some more interesting questions. You can check that post here if you haven’t yet. 

Now I decided to extend this tutorial for you guys – future cabin crew, with more answers related to cabin crew jobI gathered some questions which I was being asked through my blog or personally, and probably these are the things that could interest you as well before you start being an actual cabin crew.

  • Did I enjoy and like being a cabin crew in general?

Yes I did, very much, in terms of representing everywhere such a powerful airline, such as Emirates Airlines. I was proud of it, since people were admiring me for what I am doing and for my stories I could tell regarding destinations, Dubai living, flights etc. Especially I loved when the whole crew was in our cabin crew uniforms standing or walking along the airports in a group, and people were looking at us, taking photos, as if we were some kind of celebrities. Although I must admit, I didn’t enjoy being a cabin crew only while working my ass-off and being treated as  “robot” in terms of serving demanding passengers or some requests I found annoying. Read more

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>>> 11 airplane passenger types cabin crew deal with

Working as a cabin crew gives you an opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, and learn about various nationalities and cultures. BELIEVE ME – some stereotypes you might have heard about certain nationalities, actually are TRUE :-)! Passengers (PAX) are the most important on the flight, as they paid their ticket a lot and want to enjoy the full luxury of it -> get the food they want (if there are several meal choices), be served whenever they ask for it, and be treated with respect.  

We, as cabin crew on Emirates Airlines, were trained for example to deliver excellent service with premium products on-board. But… sometimes, on certain flights, we had passengers which could be tough and hard to deal with, so causing us big troubles. Crew members would try to respond perfectly to the given situations, of course. 


Let’s see certain airplane passenger types I came across during my cabin crew career

Read more

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>>> 5 major differences for cabin crew between Economy, Business and First class

Once you successfully pass the assessment with airline you would like to fly for, and you finish the initial cabin crew training, you will start and implement what you learnt regarding the service on-board. First flights can be scary of course, but in time it all come natural and usual.

Cabin crew work in Economy, Business and First class cabins when it’s a 3-class aircraft configuration or just Economy and Business (which acts as First then) if it’s a 2-class aircraft configuration.

Now this separation between cabin classes differs from airline to airline, but since I know best about Middle Eastern airlines, I will give you example how it looks like for those airlines. There are differences among the economy and premium cabins, in the product and the way passengers are being served, as well as regarding cabin crew responsibilities. 

To tell you the truth, whenever I flew by European airlines as a passenger, I could not notice such differences, as the cabin divisions are not being so “strict”. Cabin crew on European airlines are also  probably trained and work in all cabins all the time, changing positions by seniority – so not strictly starting from Economy and with years moving up the ladder toward First class or Senior positions. Passengers (PAX) are also not, as I must say, so “spoiled”  like on Middle Eastern airlines – where they know they can  get a lot on-board and even go beyond and ask for more than expected ( this is because it is like that for Arabic and Asian culture – always showing they are great hosts to their guests with tonnes of gifts/perks). 



Read more

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>>> Interview with flight attendant Classy Explorer (guest blog by Tigrest)

I am so happy to show you the interview done by my inspiring fellow travel blogger – Maria a.k.a. Tigrest with me being a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines. I thank her for taking an interest in me and posting this as part of her blog.  Here is a small preview about it:

“Looking over my past posts, I realized that airline related articles (airline secrets) are among the most popular ones so far. In order to add some fresh content and mix it up, I asked my fellow blogger and friend – Mirela, The Classy Explorer – to answer a few questions related to her flight attendant career. Here is the full Interview with flight attendant Classy Explorer…..”

In order to read more click HERE to read the full article.

Interview with flight attendant


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>>> Flying experience in an airplane simulator

I am a big aviation  “geek” and quite known among my friends how much I love airplanes and flying (you can read HERE more why it is the case). In relation to that,  I had recently been invited by a dear friend to have a flying experience held in the private Boeing 737-300 simulator in Belgrade. Soon its location is going to be at Belgrade’s airport, so if you are still thinking of trying it or you are already learning to become a pilot but need practice, there will be a chance for that. 

I  wanted to fly helicopters actually as well, but since that was not possible back in time, I am glad that I even saw how it might look like holding the handles of an airplane. 

As my deceased father was a pilot for Boeing 727 and 737, back in the days when passengers could sit in a cockpit (prior to September 11, 2001), I already had an opportunity to sit with him once on a flight to London, when I was like 16. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but these are like 20 years old :-).

Read more

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I would like to share this blog post by dearest fellow blogger whom I like reading a lot, Tigrest Travel blog, and it is about 20 airline secrets you won’t hear from pilots or cabin crew. Another reason I am sharing it is becasue it relates to the airlines, and so we have a common topic.

And there is a reason why they are kept secret… 

To find out more click HERE to read the full post. I hope you will enjoy it too :-)!


Classy Explorer

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>>>Your shade of RED?

This is a post for ladies – for female cabin crew – as some airlines do require red lipstick as part of the cabin crew uniform. 

Also this post is part of the upcoming “cabin crew uniform” and “grooming” posts which I will write soon for you guys :-).

Red is stylish, glamorous, sexy….but naturally it does not suit to everyone. That is why I do not agree with this policy that we should all have the same lipstick color on our lips, as there are so many kinds of lipsticks and some many shades.  

But for cabin crew it is required to have the same/ similar shade, and so in this case I will talk about my favorite – red.  There are a lot of different kinds and brands for red lipsticks on the market, thus not so easy to choose from. Some may last long or they don’t, or they dry up your lips, or are hard to take off… But at least we have a chance to choose one that suits us the best.

Some of the airlines that have RED as part of the uniform are for example Emirates airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Air Serbia etc. See below the photos:

emirates-smile Read more

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>>> Prepare a perfect cabin crew CV



Since my Facebook blog page started to grow as well as my blog website, I became well engaged with cabin crew candidates who eagerly ask me questions regarding the application process.  I totally understand the pressure – BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, so I am of course trying to transfer what I know and help you guys.

And writing perfect cabin crew CV is a first step!

CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a major document you carry when applying for any job. It shows your personal details, your education, professional experience, qualifications, interests and hobbies. It  gives a short overview to an airline employer about who you are and what you did so far. So you need to provide:

  • maximum information which gives you advantage for the airline job
  • to be written in concise manner, with no real story telling
  • so form and content of the CV are very important
Make it short, understandable, spelled correctly and neat!

For a PERFECT CABIN CREW CV here are some tips from my side: Read more

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>>> Tips to fix Cabin Crew Open Day mistakes

I am sure most of you already read 100 times about what is required for cabin crew open day –  how to behave, how to be dressed, what to bring with you etc. And here I primarily refer to requirements for airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. But still many fail during the assessments because of some small or big mistakes they neglected prior to going or during for this important event.

I would like to summarize and give you some advice about it – and so I prepared tips on what you should and should NOT do on cabin crew open day – which are usually part of my consultation when being asked from potential candidates. In one of  my previous blog posts I already wrote important cabin crew requirements, so it is worth to read it as well, to see if you are fit for this job at all.

Usual Cabin Crew Open Day mistakes

  • You are not informed or knowledgeable about the airline you applied for >>> You should always do some google search, ask friends who have someone already flying for that airline, use social media (like this blog also). You need to be prepared if a recruiter asks you what you know about that airline. And also you to be aware who are you applying for. Big mistake is if you mix up the airlines, in case you apply for the competitor airlines as well and they have open days in the same period. Read more
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>>> Self-interview : Classy Explorer as an Emirates cabin crew

For all of you who are eager to become Emirates cabin crew (or of other Middle Eastern airlines) and wonder how it is in reality from someone who has already done it, then here is my story. Hopefully you are already following my  blog website, as there are more posts about cabin crew tutorial. I prepared few questions I was being asked several times, and made it more structural and easier to understand for everybody.

Why did I become cabin crew for Emirates?

I already wrote in one of my first posts why I became cabin crew, and if you missed reading it you can check the blog post here, and maybe you find if you have similar motivations and desires with mine. Now I wanted to tell you a story of me as a cabin crew, what I liked and disliked personally, to tell why I left the job… If any more questions after reading this, ask me freely.

me-cabin-crew Read more

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