>>> Love and Travel in connection

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway

You might wonder why I decided to write about this topic, but somehow I see love and travel interconnecting in so many way. Maybe it happened in your lives, or lives of people you know. To me for sure, almost all happened and here is what relations I came up with:

  • You could travel with someone you love –  And this is probably the best way to travel, especially if you know each other very well… or you are just getting to know each other. You can learn a lot from a person you travel with, about his/her habits, thinking, organizational skills etc. And the bond between you can get stronger if you really are a true match. Or you get to realize you may not be able to spend more time with him/her in the long run. You may also travel with friends you love, and then have the best times just being together where you are.

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With” –  Charles Schulz

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>>> The Winter is coming, which TV shows to watch?

I have been a big movie fanatic since early childhood, watching “Star Wars – Return of the Jedi” when I was just 4 years old and even a horror  movie “Halloween” at about similar age. So yes,  you can imagine that I can and like to watch different sorts of movies and my stomach can tolerate a lot. But at the same time I like sometimes to get really relaxed or to get really aroused by a certain story I am watching.

My favorite film genres are thrillers, comedies and good realistic & scary  movies. In the past few years, I have been more eager to watch TV shows instead of films, as they turned out to be more fun, more interesting – you have more episodes to follow in a row, they are more intense and keep your curiosity high, plus you can end up watching more of your favorite actors :-).

If you are not sure what TV shows to watch or start watching, but you have time and a will to devote your time to get yourself entertained, plus as the winter is coming slowly… these are my recommendations – I will sort them by genres.

Suspense / Action / thriller

NARCOS (3 seasons so far)First two seasons followed life and fall of Pablo Escobar and the third season was about the Cali cartel, all placed in Columbia. Actors are great, lots of Spanish language, good soundtracks. One of my fav TV shows ever.

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>>> Where to say “YES” internationally?

Lot of girls dream of big weddings, with invites of around 150-200 people… Plus to wear white “princess” or “mermaid” wedding dress. To have traditional ceremonies and all the customs that are usual or expected by the family. And then go for a honeymoon trip to relax from all the stress of preparations and the actual wedding day.

Me personally, I was never a “wedding” freak in a sense to have wanted all of that… I just want my friends and I (plus my future hubby) to have a good time. I am also more and more desiring a simple ceremony with a few dear people, which would take place at some nice location, me being in a simple white dress with some cool shoes or sandals in strong color or bare foot if being at the beach.

If someone desires such weddings outside the city or home country (called destination wedding) , it can even be a good combination for wedding ceremony and the honeymoon. Plus a good continuing vacation for your invites. Read more

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>>> 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far

As my birthday is slowly approaching in September, my mind goes deeper in thoughts, reflecting  all aspects of my life so far.
Am I one year wiser – not just one year older? Am I scarred more now or entirely cleansed and healed from something in the past?  So I figured out , why not to summarize what are the 36 valuable lessons I learnt so far, each for one year that I have till now :-).

I always liked to do  retrospective into my life, and realize mistakes or cherish the good accomplishments. And now here, through my personal blog I have the chance to give some thoughts and advice for the new generations.
Here are some of my beliefs, thoughts, advice, recommendations :

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>>> Like drinking coffee? Check out my global coffee experience…

I must admit that I am kind of a “heavy” coffee drinker, since I really love the taste and the smell of a good coffee blend. Drinking coffee is part of my daily rituals. I like drinking wines as well, but coffee is probably what I drink most in a day, apart from water. I am not really a “tea person”, as I drink it only when I am sick or cold.

Back to coffee now. I drink one or two cups of coffee in the mornings, strong and dark, and one in the afternoon. I don’t take coffee with milk that often, because I heard coffee + milk is not really a good combination and it fats that way more… And because I  can not get to taste the real coffee if it is mixed with milk.  

Coffee is good for waking up in the mornings – it increases blood sugar a bit – they say it burns fat or just substitutes eating something when hungry (and you are on a diet) – lowers the risk of diabetes – is full of antioxidants  etc.

When I was younger I was drinking different types of coffees like Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte etc. But since recent years I prefer it black, like the Turkish or Greek one,  or long espresso, Americano (espresso with added hot water), filter coffee… and always NO SUGAR added.

I must say here that I am not advertising any of the brands mentioned below in the text, just giving you examples of what tastes I like.

Turkish or Greek coffee are cooked in a specific way, in a tin jar like on the photo:

Turkish-coffee Read more

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>>> Get free Airbnb travel credit from your first booking



For those of you who are following my blog since last year, you might remember the post about how to plan a trip on your own, where I mentioned that I am using Airbnb on occasions. when booking accommodation. For those that are new to my blog, you can revisit the post by clicking link above.

Since Airbnb lately gets a lot of attention globally, and really is an effective way to travel –  I would like to show you benefits of using Airbnb when planning next trip by yourself and booking your accommodation…

Furthermore, I wanted to offer you a chance to get FREE AIRBNB TRAVEL CREDIT  for your next planned trip. This time it is 22 euros, but from my experience it can vary from 18-36 euros. Condition is that you need to book a stay of minimum value of 70 euros, excluding guest fees and any taxes.



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>>> Confessions of once an expatriate

If you have read About me section (or if you didn’t have a chance), you could see that I am a girl who early on in her life, at 19, left home and went to Budapest (Hungary) for studies. This was the beginning of me living abroad and so confessions of once an expatriate can be told.

But that was not the first time I left home alone – first time was going to London for English language summer school at age of 16. That was awesome experience, staying for 3 weeks at some Irish family, and 3 days being with a group of students in London. It was fun, especially being in London as a teenager – I was in LOVE with the city immediately…but being alone there was not an easy thing to do. I was quite unsecured when entered the plane to London Heathrow, even though my father was flying/taking me there literally….But I came back as renewed and rich with experiences which made me who I am today and what I did so far.

Getting back to my Budapest story – I had spent almost 8 lovely years living there. First studying for 6 years (Bachelor + Master Degrees) and then working for almost 2 years for some international companies. First part – studying period –  was great. One of the best periods of my life! Without much obligations, got money from parents or scholarships, had a lot of international friends – mainly from Greece, Cyprus, Germany, US, Russia, China, Hungary etc. We had such good times, socializing, partying, eating together…and some of us really made friends forever! Read more

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>>> Karting as team-building activity

Have you ever tried karting?

Have you done karting as team-building?

Do you like driving fast?

These are just couple of questions to ask yourself  if go karting or just karting is something you could be interested in, and put it on your bucket list (click HERE to read about it).

What is karting?

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>>> Is skydiving on your bucket list ?

I started this year’s writing with a post about making a bucket list, which can serve you as it serves me, like a guide to what I would like to do, see or achieve during my lifetime. Always better to  keep it written, and if in nice format even better. If you missed the post about the bucket list in general, click HERE

SKYDIVING was on my bucket list for a long time, and I am glad I already ticked it off just few years ago. And here I will be talking about doing it as a tandem jump, since free fall is for a bit more enthusiastic people and it requires a bit more of training. Tandem jump is an awesome experience, you will see n this post.

Is maybe skydiving also on your bucket list?

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>>> Have you made your BUCKET LIST?

If not…let me show you what it is, and how to make it.

The “bucket list” has originally meant a list of things that someone would like to do before dying – that is, before “kicking the bucket.” But it can simply be a wishlist to-do before you get so old  that it is not realistic anymore you could do all that.


It is a FUN thing to do… There is nothing bad in day-dreaming, as some dreams do happen if you work on it ;-).

Some wishes require time, age, money, situation….but careful planning can get you there. I chose flying as cabin crew at one point of my life, doing that job I made a couple of my wishes comes true like: living in Dubai, seeing New York and Asia, visit some of the famous sightseeing and skydive (tandem)…

Some of my points to consider when developing your Bucket list:

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>>> Flying experience in an airplane simulator

I am a big aviation  “geek” and quite known among my friends how much I love airplanes and flying (you can read HERE more why it is the case). In relation to that,  I had recently been invited by a dear friend to have a flying experience held in the private Boeing 737-300 simulator in Belgrade. Soon its location is going to be at Belgrade’s airport, so if you are still thinking of trying it or you are already learning to become a pilot but need practice, there will be a chance for that. 

I  wanted to fly helicopters actually as well, but since that was not possible back in time, I am glad that I even saw how it might look like holding the handles of an airplane. 

As my deceased father was a pilot for Boeing 727 and 737, back in the days when passengers could sit in a cockpit (prior to September 11, 2001), I already had an opportunity to sit with him once on a flight to London, when I was like 16. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, but these are like 20 years old :-).

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>>> My top movies that inspire to travel

One thing about me is that I am a big movie geek, watching movies since early childhood. And I especially love watching movies showing some lovely cities, countrysides…

So I decided to devote this post to this topic and gathered a list of travel movies which I liked so far or which just have some beautiful scenery worth visiting >>> movies that inspire to travel.

To be honest with you, I already visited some from the list, and the others are on my Bucket list :-).

Of course, there are so many other movies with amazing filming locations, like for example every Bond filmBut I hope you will enjoy my modest travel movies list, which I split by continents to be more interesting to follow. Read more

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>>> Free travel mobile apps recommended

In my last post I wanted to inform you about some very good websites I use whenever trying to “book on my own”  my whole trip. I find these websites reliable and useful so you don’t have to be afraid of using them too.

Now in this post, I wanted to show you couple  of useful travel websites, and at the same time travel mobile apps (as most of the these website now have mobile versions) which you might need when you reach your travel destination and also during your stay. I really hate, and probably you will understand me, situations when I can’t find access free WiFi easily, or when I do it is limited or expensive,  as not every city has many free hot-spots (unless in hotels, or some cafe)…So it is good to be well prepared  before the trip and use use offline application modes later, saving yourselves time, money and frustrations. I know it does help me a lot!

Yes, I use most of these travel mobile apps whenever I travel somewhere  – so let me explain you what each application is for. And plus they are FREE 🙂 Just download them from Play store or Apple stored, depending on your mobile brand and start using.  Read more

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>>> Story of an amazing Hvar wedding

My previous post was to show you why I love Hvar island and what you can expect if you go there. So if you decide to visit it for couple of days during summer,  you can follow some of my recommended places mentioned in that post.

But last year I was on Hvar for some more special  occasion. Let me tell you about it…

Hvar wedding

It  was one of my best friend’s weddingAnd it practically lasted 3 days since all the guests came from different parts of the world like England, Dubai, Serbia, Sweden, Bosnia… so it was very much an international wedding. Even more so as the bride was Bosnian/Swedish, and groom British, and they had initially met in Dubai. So naturally they needed to choose one place in the world where they could invite their closest friends and families. And so they chose HVAR! Plus, a couple of us, her closest friends, were bridesmaids so it added additional magic, especially for me, to this beautiful Hvar wedding.

wedding-hvar-invitation Read more

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>>> Check if you were born to travel?

Some people have that “gene” expressed maybe more than in others, which drives them to go somewhere no matter what… with or without budget… To discover, explore, experience, learn and collect these memories into souvenirs, or some stories to be told or written down to people who like to read/listen about it. So many times I heard people telling me they would like to travel and would go here and there, but they don’t do anything or at least not much about it. And this is what I do not understand and what makes a difference… Because, I believe that whoever REALLY wants to travel, he/she will make it happen, in this or the other way, and quite soon after the idea comes to his/her mind. Myself, and people like me, even took up a job of a cabin crew to do it >> in order to see a lot of places in a short period of time. Therefore, for me there are no excuses and people like me know what I am talking about.

So let’s see if you are the same? 🙂  Let me know if  I left out something, so to add it…If you find yourself in most of the points bellow, then you are definitely born to travel. Read more

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>>> Dubai – once a home, always a dream

I have started blogging naturally with this vibrant city, since it was my hometown for a while, but also since it is very popular for travelers around the world and people who want to experience something new and totally different.

Dubai is still enigma for many people, in a sense how such an Arabic place can be so modern. And some people boycott to visit it, as they believe there is nothing interesting to see but man… there is plenty to see! My opinion is that one can judge it once he/she sees it first and of course not all things appeal to everyone the same. Not everyone gets amazed as I do whenever I am in this city.  I visited it few times eve after my return to Serbia. Read more

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