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Working for big Middle-Eastern “fancy” airlines, means that cabin and flight crew have to look immaculate  and according to certain grooming standards. For female cabin crew to keep the glam look the entire time, can be more challenging than for male crew, if you agree with me. 

The conditions in the aircraft – dry air, the pressure, the stress, the irregular flight timings… – all can cause our skins to become more oily, tired, make-up to spoil etc. Plus if someone has problems with IVF  (veins) on the legs, then wearing supportive long tights is must!  

It can be a bit stressful sometimes to keep it up really. Especially to take care of your face and uniform during the flight – to reapply lipsticks from time to time, or keep hair not to fall apart (after wearing the cabin crew hat), uniform to always be tucked in and not get dirty… 



As mentioned several times in my blog post before, PROFESSIONAL IMAGE is what is being looked for in a cabin crew. And that look has to be maintained on the ground, the whole flight, and after.  At he beginning of the cabin crew training, you would have  Grooming training  (below is a link to a video) to learn how to apply make-up, what are the best brands to use ( cabin crew from my experience, like brands like MAC, Bobby Brown, Make up Forever, Bare Minerals…) etc. Cabin crew like to use the best and/or organic based products. Sometime best  are not necessary the most expensive.  I remember I met so many crew who were buying La Prairie caviar based eye serum, but at the end were not that impressed with quality vs. its high price. 

Major tips for looks are:

  • Uniform needs to be ironed and clean
  • Hair neat and tidy, made in a bun 
  • Make-up simple but elegant
  • Nails clean and neat, french or nude color, or red (Emirates)
  • Only watch is allowed on the hand, and only engagement ring or wedding ring 



  • If you place foundation over your lips and eyes, the make-up can stay longer
  • Whenever you can – use lip balm to keep the lips hydrated
  • If you use eyeliner on the top eye lid, it will give the appearance of more open, larger eyes
  • Wax any extra hair under your nose, arms or legs
  • Wash your teeth regularly, and take always with you some small mouth washes or breath fresheners 
  • Use some discreet perfumes or body sprays (cabin crew are crazy for SHOPPING these at every duty free at outstations), as well as a good deodorant which does not leave stains on the uniform
  • To keep the make-up stay longer, recommended is to use Primer as under the foundation, and after some fix spray if you have.  
  • Use matifying pressed powders at the end to “kill the shine” on the face. And don’t reapply make-up heavily as then it will crack and look smudgy. 


After the flight, it is necessary to properly take off the make-up with alcohol-free cleansers, use some Micellar water at the end to clean up the all the traces. At the end exfoliate, moisturize and apply some face hydrating mask and anti-fatigue serum around the eyes.


  • Use lip gloss or lipstick that contains gloss as this could cause the lipstick to wear off easily.
  • Wear false lashes or pump your lips with too much of hyaluron, silicon…
  • Don’t use too much of bronzer as it can make the skin appear “tired” in the aircraft lighting  or the color of the skin can become more brown-red  as the skin gets oilier
  • Waterproof mascara should be avoided as it dries out your lashes and is harder to remove after a flight or with a makeup wipe before sleeping on board
  • Draw your lip pencil outside of your lip line – it does not look nice, once lipstick is gone
  • Chew gum when on duty 

One of the most popular skin products that cabin crew all over the World love is Elisabeth Arden’s Eight hour Cream Skin protectant, because it can be used for keeping legs, lips and eyelids shiny, eyebrows in place, and cuticles perfectly manicured. So al-in-one product.

For MEN– grooming tip is to use shaving oil to keep skin moisturized and prevent irritation and dryness. All mustache and beard have to be shaved. Trimmed nose hair if visible is must as well.


Cabin crew fly day or night, changing time zones frequently, and so often not getting enough sleep.  However, it is expected from them to look fresh always. It can be very tiring sometimes, and believe me – it can be seen on the face. Skins gets older quicker from all those “attacks on the skin” – sleep deprivation, different climates, water… I remember faces of me and my colleagues after a long duty time, coming back home in the mornings – feeling and looking  like “zombies” that and the following day (till we get rested).


It is important to keep your skin hydrated as much as possible, drinking lots of water (during the flights, cabin crew usually take a bottle of 1l,  fill it with slices of lemon, or drink a lot of green or white tea, coconut water etc.

Use also Refreshing face sprays like Evian Mineral Spray , rose water or something similar.




When you fly and stay at the outstations, best is not to wash your hair if you do not need to. Believe me in Africa or Asia, you would not want to wash your hair with some brownish sink water. Your hair is used to a water where you wash your hair in general, so any changes will cause your hair to look dull or dry. For hair in general use nets to keep it from flying out from the bun, and some hair oil to keep it tight.

For hydration of the face, do also the peelings from time to time, and put on some cooling, hydrating masks over which you can buy at any drugstore.



To keep the tight body – avoid salty food and sweets on-board. Salt makes you retain water, sweets make you fatter and bloated which is not good for your fit in uniform. Try to eat dry fruits, healthy food – as the food you get in the aircraft is high in calories and food preservatives, making it very unhealthy if you eat it every day.

So naturally, essential is to avoid fatty food, processed snacks, fizzy drinks and to eat healthy to stay fit. They say to avoid coffee, as it causes hydration, but I could not personally imagine my days without several cups of coffee – to stay awake and as a daily routine. I tried sometimes shuffling it with some green or white tea, which are much better for our bodies and stomach.

In addition, you need to keep it up by exercising in the gym whenever you can or take up some sports (squash is popular, tennis, or some team sports). Or, if you are fan of yoga, you will need it to relax and calm your body, muscles and soul.


Taking face and body massages often is recommended too. Aromatic, relax or if you can stand some stronger ones (like Thai massage in Thailand), that is fine – as long as you do not have pains after.

One should not forget moisturizing the hands, as they often get dry and cracked from the soap on the aircraft, from working with food on-board, using water non-stop, plus from the dirt. If you use too much the anti-bacterial gels for hands, they especially dry out the skin.

Sleep and rest, whenever you can , as much as you can!


I hope you enjoyed the post, and got some ideas about how cabin crew keep the glam look.  Stay tuned for more related posts in the future.

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