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I must admit that I am kind of a “heavy” coffee drinker, since I really love the taste and the smell of a good coffee blend. Drinking coffee is part of my daily rituals. I like drinking wines as well, but coffee is probably what I drink most in a day, apart from water. I am not really a “tea person”, as I drink it only when I am sick or cold.

Back to coffee now. I drink one or two cups of coffee in the mornings, strong and dark, and one in the afternoon. I don’t take coffee with milk that often, because I heard coffee + milk is not really a good combination and it fats that way more… And because I  can not get to taste the real coffee if it is mixed with milk.  

Coffee is good for waking up in the mornings – it increases blood sugar a bit – they say it burns fat or just substitutes eating something when hungry (and you are on a diet) – lowers the risk of diabetes – is full of antioxidants  etc.

When I was younger I was drinking different types of coffees like Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte etc. But since recent years I prefer it black, like the Turkish or Greek one,  or long espresso, Americano (espresso with added hot water), filter coffee… and always NO SUGAR added.

I must say here that I am not advertising any of the brands mentioned below in the text, just giving you examples of what tastes I like.

Turkish or Greek coffee are cooked in a specific way, in a tin jar like on the photo:


This is illustration of my favorite  scene of waking up –  being on some island (like @Hvar here) and drinking a strong Turkish coffee overlooking the sea and preparing for the beach…


Ah yes, and for me, the best coffee serving in a cafe or restaurant is when you get it with a metal spoon (not plastic one) and with some  sweets like cookie, cake or chocolate on the side 🙂



Wherever I travel, I need to drink coffee when I wake up or when I make breaks during sightseeing. I also prefer drinking a cup of coffee after I ate a lot, so to digest the food faster and make space for some sweets :-).

My favorite coffee experience, during my travels with coffee chain types of coffees, was with one of the most well known coffee franchises called Starbucks. There is no person in a planet for sure that haven’t heard about it or saw its cafeterias in all major cities in the world. There are other brands that offer that street style, take-away coffee option, but Starbucks is ,I think, the most popular and has the biggest world chain network.

It has a cool concept as you sit in its cafe, even being alone, and it offers usually a good and free WIFI (which is great when you are alone with your laptop for example). Maybe Starbucks is not anymore the best in quality as it was (provided that so many competitors appeared since it started working), but I may be sentimental and so I usually go there for some Tall Cappuccino with soy milk and a some apple cinnamon or blueberry muffin.

INTERESTING FACT is that I drank coffees @ Starbucks everywhere in the World > from US and Canada till Asia and Australia. 


I even tried Green tea latte (made from matcha – powdered green tea leaves),  which I drank only in Canada, Singapore and Thailand. Maybe your first impression would be that it is disgusting , but believe me it tastes great – though it is not at all like a normal coffee, and it is more milky.

However, the other brand that I definitely adore and I drink it over and over again wherever I see it – is the Austrian coffee brand, Julius MeinlMore common is to see it in Central Europe and Germany for example. Not sure how to explain why I love it ,but tits taste is so creamy, and it does not have that bitter taste ( at least to me) like some Italian coffee brands have. 

Last year when I was in Vienna, I actually sat in a Julius Meinl cafe and had a full coffee experience:


In Greece I love drinking Frappe or Freddo cappuccino. Frappe is made when Nescafe is stirred with usually milk and sugar added, served iced. While Freddo cappuccino is also iced coffee from Freddo espresso topped with thick milk-based foam. You will usually see Greeks drinking either of the two, rarely some simple espressos. Coffee drinking is also part of the Greek culture, and this is one of the reasons why I get along Greeks very well.



I mentioned that I like when I get a coffee in a cafe with something sweet, so now for the end wanted to show you one of my favorite ways of coffee servings which I experienced actually in Berlin. It was also a very good taste of the short espresso (but forgot the name of  some German brand) – so delicious, without any bit of bitterness. But that main point I wanted here to show you was that the cup of coffee was served with a small chocolate ice cream. It was in a cafe-gelateria kind of place, but for me this first time to get it like this and I loved it. Very cute, don’t you think?


My final thoughts on drinking coffee are that we should all be moderate with it, as I think I am over-exaggerating sometimes – so my stomach burns from all that acid. And if you really like the taste of coffee DO NOT kill it with too much sugar or milk, but do try to feel its taste!

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