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A few months back I provided a list of my favorite travel themed movies, which inspired me or still inspire to travel. Since aviation is my second biggest passion in life beside travel, I prepared now a list of my favorite aviation themed movies which I recommend if you have not seen them already.

These are aviation based as either the story of the movies is around a fighter jet or commercial pilot, battle in the air, spending time at the airport, helicopters or great part of the movie takes place inside the airplane, with some cabin crew involved as supporting acting leads.

So airplanes, airports, pilot, cabin crew….:-) I would like to add that I didn’t include Bond movies, although they all have some kind of action with airplanes or helicopter, and this list would be just too long.

Here is the list of 12 movies that I recommend:

 1. Top Gun (1986)


One of the favorite movies for most of the people, as it gave iconic picture of an handsome young fighter jet pilot with some cool pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and aviator leather jacket. There is a love story also involved between a young hot-shot pilot (Tom Cruise) and older instructor woman (Kelly McGillis). 

2. Sully (2016)


Excellent movie about a true event of a pilot who landed a plane into Hudson river, to avoid crashing and killing everyone on the plane. But investigation started to prove his judgment at the time. I love how this movie was made and especially how Tom Hanks acted the role of the Captain who landed this plane.

3. Flight (2012)


Another story about a commercial pilot, who landed a plane that was crashing and saved lives. But in this movie, the pilot (Denzel Washington) turned out to be intoxicated and drugged, so the investigation took place to prove the rationality of his decision. 

4. Airplane (1980)


Oh, when I was a child, I loved this movie, and knew all the lines by heart. It is a parody on what happens once the pilots got sick or dead, and who would land the airplane then… Leslie Nielsen and Robert Haye were the funniest in this movie. There was a second part with space shuttle, but not as good as this one.

5. Up in the Air


This movie is about a guy (George Clooney) who is travelling around the country non stop, with a small suitcase, as his job is to fire people in person. But his job suddenly becomes in question with a new hire and new firing system, as well as some personal issues. A lot of scenes are at the airport terminals.

6. United 93


Terrorist attack in the US on September 11th, 2001 was one of the worst things that happened and this movie depicts the hijacking, the situation in the airplane that crashed into the World Trade Center, as well as other planes that crashed as well that day.

7. Pearl Harbor (2001)


Romantic story (between Ben Affleck and Kate Beckinsale) but in the war times, which complicated it. The scene of air-raid known as Pearl Harbor was well done, that is why this movie is in my list.

8. Into the Sun (1992)


This is a light action comedy movie, in which a fighter pilot (Michael Pare) is paired with a Hollywood actor to get him prepared for next film’s role as a pilot, but they end up in real air combat, and then it gets entertaining for them.

9. Blue Thunder (1983)


Helicopters I love maybe even more than small airplanes, and always wanted to learn to fly one. Movie is great since a pilot cop (Roy Scheider) has to test a newly designed police helicopter and see how it works in action. 

10. Passenger 57 (1992)


An undercover aviation security expert (Wesley Snipes) finds himself on a plane that is being hijacked and terrorized, so with the help of a cabin crew, he is trying to beat the gang on the plane. 

11. Air America (1990)


 A young pilot (Robert Downey Jr.) is recruited to fly for CIA based airline “Air America” in Laos during war in Vietnam, to help villages with food and medicine. But it turns out all other pilots are simply “crazy” (among them a pilot starred by Mel Gibson) and they are secretly smuggling guns, opium etc.

12. Die Hard 2 (1990)


Second part of the action Die Hard movies where a cop (Bruce Willis) fights terrorists, which takes place this time at the Washington airport. Terrorists are seizing control of all electrical equipment, hostages are also taken to save a drug lord from the jail.  So the airplanes can not land, but fuel is running low…


Hope you enjoyed my list and you will watch some of these, or maybe watch some again if you did long time ago. Would like to hear if you have some movie suggestions for me :-)!

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