>>> A small wildlife adventure in Nairobi

After starting this year by writing about cool stuff to do in Sri Lanka, I am continuing the trend with another exotic destination – the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.  Check out when is best to travel there and what you can do and see, if you are first time in Nairobi and eager to experience a small wildlife adventure.


December to March are spring-warm months with average temperatures (25-28 C) during the day. Cooler-dry months are from July till September. However rainy seasons are from mid-March to June., and from late October through December. So for planning tour activities, the best is to choose dry months in October, or January-February, or even in July-August.


Nairobi, the capital is interesting as it is also a home to a wildlife as there is National Park (which I visited) – so in case you do not want to go for a big safari, you can enjoy being up close with prey animals like zebra, antelopes, giraffes, buffalo… but also predators such as cheetah, lion, hyena, leopard and many more. 

However, tourists should be careful when in Nairobi, so best is to travel in groups or with tours. Traffic can be a real headache as well. I heard many stories from others about the criminal in Nairobi, plus my colleague was also  a victim of theft in a club nearby hotel, and police of course didn’t move a finger. 

And one of the excellent things in Kenya in general is coffee. Be sure to go to some coffee shop and try the taste of real Kenyan coffee blend. I went to  a coffee chain called Nairobi Java House in downtown.

One of the restaurants that everyone will recommend you in Nairobi is Carnivore restaurant, especially if you are a meat lover. There is a choice of different meats like ostrich, crocodile… I remember the meat was so delicious and we as crew (at the time I was a cabin crew for Emirates) had fun there.

One the places you definitely should visit is GIRAFFE CENTER – African fund for endangered wildlife – just 40 min from the Nairobi center. You can see giraffes walking by, feed them with corn, wheat, grass and molasses, … hear some stories and learn about these endangered animals from the staff within the center.

Another animal adventure activity in Nairobi to do is to visit ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE  just half an hour outside the city, just at the edge of the national park. Just like I wrote in my post for Sri Lanka about elephants orphanage, same here – you can see them bathing in the mud and getting fed by the keepers. The thing is that some of these elephants that are taken into this sanctuary when they a born, get traumatized by not being in the natural environment. However they still get a lot of care. attention…  I had so much fun and also learned so much about this important work that we all wanted to recommend this attraction to everyone visiting Nairobi. I took some cool photos of elephants as they were really cute, enjoying themselves.

As I mentioned above, one of the quick ways to see wild animals which you would normally see also within the country, if not going for a big safari, is to visit NAIROBI SAFARI WALK, in the outskirts of the city. Park is useful not just for seeing the dangerous species up close, but also to learn how to  conserve the ones that are endangered or even extinct.  There is a collection of about 150 species of local trees as well. 

Below are photos of the animals I saw while being there. I was scared a bit especially when seeing lion lying down just a few feet from me, but it is definitely safe walking within this park as you are secure from any dangers, there is security everywhere.

An amazing experience in this National Safari Walk for me was to touch cheetah, though it was probably drugged or tamed so that it would not attack the visitors.

As you can see, there are various wild animals to see and be close to. Definitely should not be missed if ever in Nairobi. Hope I got you interested in it.


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