>>> Is skydiving on your bucket list ?

I started this year’s writing with a post about making a bucket list, which can serve you as it serves me, like a guide to what I would like to do, see or achieve during my lifetime. Always better to  keep it written, and if in nice format even better. If you missed the post about the bucket list in general, click HERE

SKYDIVING was on my bucket list for a long time, and I am glad I already ticked it off just few years ago. And here I will be talking about doing it as a tandem jump, since free fall is for a bit more enthusiastic people and it requires a bit more of training. Tandem jump is an awesome experience, you will see n this post.

Is maybe skydiving also on your bucket list?

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>>> Check if you were born to travel?

Some people have that “gene” expressed maybe more than in others, which drives them to go somewhere no matter what… with or without budget… To discover, explore, experience, learn and collect these memories into souvenirs, or some stories to be told or written down to people who like to read/listen about it. So many times I heard people telling me they would like to travel and would go here and there, but they don’t do anything or at least not much about it. And this is what I do not understand and what makes a difference… Because, I believe that whoever REALLY wants to travel, he/she will make it happen, in this or the other way, and quite soon after the idea comes to his/her mind. Myself, and people like me, even took up a job of a cabin crew to do it >> in order to see a lot of places in a short period of time. Therefore, for me there are no excuses and people like me know what I am talking about.

So let’s see if you are the same? 🙂  Let me know if  I left out something, so to add it…If you find yourself in most of the points bellow, then you are definitely born to travel. Read more

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