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For those of you who are following my blog since last year, you might remember the post about how to plan a trip on your own, where I mentioned that I am using Airbnb on occasions. when booking accommodation. For those that are new to my blog, you can revisit the post by clicking link above.

Since Airbnb lately gets a lot of attention globally, and really is an effective way to travel –  I would like to show you benefits of using Airbnb when planning next trip by yourself and booking your accommodation…

Furthermore, I wanted to offer you a chance to get FREE AIRBNB TRAVEL CREDIT  for your next planned trip. This time it is 22 euros, but from my experience it can vary from 18-36 euros. Condition is that you need to book a stay of minimum value of 70 euros, excluding guest fees and any taxes.



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>>> Planning trip on your own – my tips for you

How do I travel?

When travelling , many people use travel agencies in order to get predetermined, already booked in advance, group travel options, with fixed dates. Which, is, I must say, much easier than planning trip on your own, especially when you are OK with the terms and conditions the agency is providing. Here I mean the dates for travel – as usually they refer to the charter flights or some regular flights on which agency gets some %  deal off  – and the choices of hotels which the agencies are also in deal with. Also agencies offer  services of tour guides  along, but I din’t have some good experiences with that so far, so that extra money that I pay for the service (included in the overall price) is not worth it.

I usually use travel agency when going for a longer vacation, more specifically in the summer, as I do not want to hassle with airplane tickets, transfers to the accommodation etc. In these cases I want to get everything served to me with the least stress. But still to get the maximum quality out of it -which is not always the case (depending on the tour operators used, etc).

For shorter trips, mainly around Europe, or when I go to visit someone I know (so providing me accommodation already) I like to book all on my own – so be my own agent :-). And it always pays off, since then I am flexible with the departure and return timings, choices of the accommodations – to be in more central areas so  to walk around and not spend too much time in metros, buses…

Therefore, I would like to give you few tips which websites, tools I use when planning my trips so it can help you with yours in the future. Read more

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