>>> Why you fail at Cabin Crew Assessment Day?


I know from my own experience, that every Cabin Crew Assessment day or Open day (OD), for major airlines in the world, represents a big thing in lives of young people who would like to make their dreams come true and become cabin crew.

But since the amount of people that come to apply is always huge, and only 10% of candidates are maybe accepted, many are left with the question why they fail at the Cabin crew Assessment day. And reasonably these assessment days or ODs can be:

  • very stressful
  • exhausting
  • short since you get this small chance, and little time to represent yourself in the best manner
  • a direction to show if you are the right candidate
  • time to stand out in the crowd with your qualities

And yes, you need to be ready for it, and fulfill all the criteria needed. But believe me, luck is important too.  Being at the right time at the right place. Also, many think they are meant for this job, but aren’t really, so you do need to be as realistic as possible about your qualifications for becoming cabin crew.


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>>> Meeting with future Qatar Airways cabin crew

I wanted to show you an example of a great girl called Dragana who is becoming Qatar Airways cabin crew very soon. I met her couple of months ago through my Instagram account, when we had a few English lessons, in order to relax when speaking in English and work on avoiding any kind of fear from the whole recruitment process. I think it will be very interesting what she had to say, plus I added some additional comments from my side.

Let’s get started! 🙂

Hello Dragana! First of all, thanks for participating in this interviewing  meeting! I am fond of making this kind of interviews for future cabin crew candidates, so to give them as much info as possible, and of course to be as relevant as can be.  

With Dragana’s story I wanted to show everyone that being persistent does pay off… And  also how the recruitment process differs between Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. Read more

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>>> Aviation vocabulary for cabin crew

First thing you would learn on the Aviation college is NATO Alphabet, as a core of aviation vocabulary. It is important in aviation (as in military) since crew often speak among themselves in codes, in order to pass each other some important or alarming info. It is used also for example for mentioning aircraft registrations e.g B777 – EMY (Echo, Mike,  Yankee).

Here is an alphabet and it is good to start learning it as soon as possible, so give a try:

Now next what I wanted to do in this post, about aviation vocabulary for cabin crew, is that I tried to combine some terms I came across during my cabin crew career and words that are mostly used, based on categories rather than by alphabet. Read more

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>>> What it takes to become cabin crew?

First question every potential candidate, who wants to become cabin crew, should be:  “Do I have what it takes from what is actually required for that profession?” In this post, I will be explaining the main points, and hopefully if you are reading this, you will find what you are looking for.

In all of my blog posts I will be interchanging all the terms explaining this occupation – which are cabin crew, steward/ess, flight attendant… as interestingly I do not know so many occupations out there having several names for it like this one. One of the silly ones I heard once was  “Trolley-dolly”  – but I will skip it of course :-).

Did you wonder what is needed to become cabin crew? 

It is not only about flying, seeing new places and meeting different cultures, it has a lot of hard work involved. Many sleepless nights, so forget 9-17 h working hours, and also sometimes having not so pleasant situations  for which you must have good stamina for. Maybe you just want to make your wish come true, like I made my childhood wish which was to become stewardess one day. But I also wanted some changes in my life, so maybe that could be one of your reasons too. Read my full blog post on why did I choose to do it in my life. Read more

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