>>> Karting as team-building activity

Have you ever tried karting?

Have you done karting as team-building?

Do you like driving fast?

These are just couple of questions to ask yourself  if go karting or just karting is something you could be interested in, and put it on your bucket list (click HERE to read about it).

What is karting?

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>>> Is skydiving on your bucket list ?

I started this year’s writing with a post about making a bucket list, which can serve you as it serves me, like a guide to what I would like to do, see or achieve during my lifetime. Always better to  keep it written, and if in nice format even better. If you missed the post about the bucket list in general, click HERE

SKYDIVING was on my bucket list for a long time, and I am glad I already ticked it off just few years ago. And here I will be talking about doing it as a tandem jump, since free fall is for a bit more enthusiastic people and it requires a bit more of training. Tandem jump is an awesome experience, you will see n this post.

Is maybe skydiving also on your bucket list?

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>>> Have you made your BUCKET LIST?

If not…let me show you what it is, and how to make it.

The “bucket list” has originally meant a list of things that someone would like to do before dying – that is, before “kicking the bucket.” But it can simply be a wishlist to-do before you get so old  that it is not realistic anymore you could do all that.


It is a FUN thing to do… There is nothing bad in day-dreaming, as some dreams do happen if you work on it ;-).

Some wishes require time, age, money, situation….but careful planning can get you there. I chose flying as cabin crew at one point of my life, doing that job I made a couple of my wishes comes true like: living in Dubai, seeing New York and Asia, visit some of the famous sightseeing and skydive (tandem)…

Some of my points to consider when developing your Bucket list:

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>>> I ❤ AMSTERDAM in the spring

Why go to Amsterdam at the first place?

Spring is here, and people like to go away for just few days. since weather is nice in most of the places around the world. So, I recommend something I once did in the springtime, and that was to visit famous Amsterdam and here I will write some interesting stories about it.

The city is one of a kind and must see definitely in life. For me visiting Amsterdam and its surrounding places is the best way to catch a real Dutch beauty. I visited also some other parts of Netherlands, like central part, South-West part, and Rotterdam, and there will be some blog post about these as well one day.

I was really excited before travelling to this city to visit a friend there, but also to see what is all that fuss about the unique Amsterdam  I was hearing about for a long time. I was always  fond of Dutch painters looking back in history of art (like Rembrandt, Vermeer…) , and for me it was imperative to check out some of the most famous museums in Amsterdam like Van Gogh’s museum or RIJKS or even Ann Frank’s house. Architecture was another thing I was so eager to see there, as well to try delicious cheeses, see windmills, meet Dutch people and feel the free spirit there.

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