>>> More cabin crew job Q & As

I have already written a self-interview post answering some of the basic questions I was getting all these years. Just recently it happened that I was also interviewed by a fellow blogger where I answered some more interesting questions. You can check that post here if you haven’t yet. 

Now I decided to extend this tutorial for you guys – future cabin crew, with more answers related to cabin crew jobI gathered some questions which I was being asked through my blog or personally, and probably these are the things that could interest you as well before you start being an actual cabin crew.

  • Did I enjoy and like being a cabin crew in general?

Yes I did, very much, in terms of representing everywhere such a powerful airline, such as Emirates Airlines. I was proud of it, since people were admiring me for what I am doing and for my stories I could tell regarding destinations, Dubai living, flights etc. Especially I loved when the whole crew was in our cabin crew uniforms standing or walking along the airports in a group, and people were looking at us, taking photos, as if we were some kind of celebrities. Although I must admit, I didn’t enjoy being a cabin crew only while working my ass-off and being treated as  “robot” in terms of serving demanding passengers or some requests I found annoying. Read more

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>>> Cabin crew life at glance

>>> Cabin crew life at glance

Hello future candidates! I would like to give you a small preview of how cabin crew life in Dubai can mostly look like, so you know what to expect in case you join Emirates airlines. The same can be attributed more or less to other Middle-Eastern airlines, like Etihad or Qatar Airways, since living in these places is quite similar. Just Dubai is something that I am familiar most with and it gives the most opportunities and freedom for everyday activities.

When you join…

During the cabin crew training, you will  have to study a lot every day, especially at the beginning for safety and security training. You will have lectures,  homework, then tests….so during those training abinitio weeks you are not really free to do much around the city. Maybe you can just start exploring basics of Dubai, its main sites… maybe do a Safari jeep drive with the fellow colleagues from the group and have a night in the desert… Or, if you feel energetic during these week, go and check out some nice restaurants or bars in Dubai – which are nowadays so many that you can choose from. My recommendation is to check the ones nearer to your place and DO NOT drink alcohol while on training. You need to be sober, conscious and attentive! Read more

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>>> Cabin crew type of accommodation in Dubai

In this post I shall give you an example of living in Dubai and working as an airline cabin crew, through my experience and my friends who still live there. My intention is just to illustrate you firstly how one cabin crew accommodation  looks like or what to expect once you get to Dubai for the training. I hope you read my previous post about what it takes to become cabin crew, if not do check it in order to understand what this profession requires from a future candidate.

Cabin crew accommodation in Dubai

When you first arrive to Dubai, prior your actual date of joining with the Airline, the big question will be where your cabin crew accommodation is going to be, more specifically in which part of the city. Dubai is huge in that respect, and some newer cabin crew accommodations are usually far in the desert somewhere, away from the central places. But please do not think that it is somewhere dangerous or really in the middle of nowhere. No, those are a bit far but these are in the newer areas that are just being built, so not yet surrounded with all what you might need.  As Dubai is stretching itself non-stop,  who knows – maybe that area becomes one day the epicenter of some hype activities.

In case you are a bit unlucky I must say, you would be put there at first. And you cannot change the accommodation for some time. I remember it was a fuss to change back in days when I was flying, as you needed to find someone to swap or to learn if somebody was leaving and request that specific flat. So it was a bit painful. Now it could be a bit better, but from what I hear, people still have difficulties to change it so soon. It is purely due to luck at the beginning, since other accommodations, which are better, can be on the main street – like Sheikh Zayed road (on the photo) or near some big shopping malls – so it is more convenient to go around to shops and supermarkets etc.

sheik-zayed-road Read more

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