>>> When having couple of hours in Split

Split city is a major transportation hub on the Adriatic sea, so anyone who is going to some of the Dalmatian islands in Croatia like Hvar, Korcula, Brac, Vis etc. might have some free time to spend in the city. It might be the time gap between the ferry boat or Catamaran and the flight or bus from/to Split, so why not to see what can you expect in Split during that “waiting” period.

It happened to me three times that I needed to spend a couple of hours in Split when I was going to Hvar island ( I already wrote a post about Hvar which you can read HERE). So I decided to show you how I enjoyed those free times in this lovely coastal city called Split.


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>>> My best summers in Hvar town

Hvar is a small but an amazing island in Adriatic sea, Croatia. I have been there three times in the past five years, plus twice when I was a child. So I am pretty loving this island and I am coming back to it with joy each time. I like to consider it a pearl of Adriatic,  though Croatian coast is all so lovely so you need to visit more places in it like Dubrovnik, Split, Brac, Vis, Istra…Now let me tell you first about Hvar and its center Hvar town.


Thanks to my great friend, who was having a summer holiday several years in a row in Hvar, and who was inviting me to come and come each time, I accepted and went there five years ago. And… I was immediately angry at myself why I didn’t go there even before. Because that summer I had the time of my life! Read more

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