>>> Self-interview : Classy Explorer as an Emirates cabin crew

For all of you who are eager to become Emirates cabin crew (or of other Middle Eastern airlines) and wonder how it is in reality from someone who has already done it, then here is my story. Hopefully you are already following my  blog website, as there are more posts about cabin crew tutorial. I prepared few questions I was being asked several times, and made it more structural and easier to understand for everybody.

Why did I become cabin crew for Emirates?

I already wrote in one of my first posts why I became cabin crew, and if you missed reading it you can check the blog post here, and maybe you find if you have similar motivations and desires with mine. Now I wanted to tell you a story of me as a cabin crew, what I liked and disliked personally, to tell why I left the job… If any more questions after reading this, ask me freely.

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>>> Exclusive: Interview with former Emirates cabin crew

Hello there!  As a special post edition, I invited for an interview a former cabin crew, my dear friend who used to work for Emirates airlines much longer than I did. And also since I value him to have been a great cabin crew and real example of what a male cabin crew should look like, act and behave…Hence, I wanted to share with you what he has to say about his career, about Emirates airlines, work conditions, challenges of being a male cabin crew, living in Dubai..

Listen to audio file of the Interview here:

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Here are some photos from the actual audio Interview taking place at a nice cafe in Belgrade called Uzitak Coffee selection and delights.

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>>> Cabin crew life at glance

>>> Cabin crew life at glance

Hello future candidates! I would like to give you a small preview of how cabin crew life in Dubai can mostly look like, so you know what to expect in case you join Emirates airlines. The same can be attributed more or less to other Middle-Eastern airlines, like Etihad or Qatar Airways, since living in these places is quite similar. Just Dubai is something that I am familiar most with and it gives the most opportunities and freedom for everyday activities.

When you join…

During the cabin crew training, you will  have to study a lot every day, especially at the beginning for safety and security training. You will have lectures,  homework, then tests….so during those training abinitio weeks you are not really free to do much around the city. Maybe you can just start exploring basics of Dubai, its main sites… maybe do a Safari jeep drive with the fellow colleagues from the group and have a night in the desert… Or, if you feel energetic during these week, go and check out some nice restaurants or bars in Dubai – which are nowadays so many that you can choose from. My recommendation is to check the ones nearer to your place and DO NOT drink alcohol while on training. You need to be sober, conscious and attentive! Read more

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>>> Dubai Miracle Gardens – for flower garden lovers

I will not write much about Dubai Miracle Gardens, as it is worth more to see the images in my Gallery section, rather than to talk about it. Yes – it is the garden in the middle of the desert – Dubailand, 10 min drive from Mall of Emirates (I recommend taxi better than bus) and yes – it is magical flower garden made out of 45 million flowers which is making it the biggest garden in the world.


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>>> Take time and enjoy Dubai Marina

In my last post I talked about JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) mainly as the part of the city which I would definitely recommend seeing with the first visit to Dubai, and for the beach…but there are so many more interesting places to see at Dubai Marina. Let me show you some more.

I simply love Dubai Marina because of its canals which go around the buildings. and so yacht owners can simply sail around and “park” the boats almost in front of their homes. It is a bit “fancy” kind of lifestyle, but when you see it a few times  in front of your eyes it seems like a normal thing to do there.
Dubai Marina Yacht club is the center of the Marina quays where yachts have their anchors dropped. There is a promenade around it with lots of cafes and restaurants from which you can enjoy the views on the surrounding skyscrapers, boats and jet-skies passing by. Near there you may also find Dubai Marina mall, a smaller shopping center (smaller comparing to the size of the others in Dubai), from which you also can get to Pier 7 > building with 7 fine-dine restaurants with variety in culinary experiences.


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>>> Dubai – once a home, always a dream

I have started blogging naturally with this vibrant city, since it was my hometown for a while, but also since it is very popular for travelers around the world and people who want to experience something new and totally different.

Dubai is still enigma for many people, in a sense how such an Arabic place can be so modern. And some people boycott to visit it, as they believe there is nothing interesting to see but man… there is plenty to see! My opinion is that one can judge it once he/she sees it first and of course not all things appeal to everyone the same. Not everyone gets amazed as I do whenever I am in this city.  I visited it few times eve after my return to Serbia. Read more

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>>> Why did I become a cabin crew? Is this your dream maybe?

Cabin crew photoWell… I was 26 at the time, living in Budapest, working in an office, my love life and my social life were not as I imagined to be. I felt bored and like I needed something more of my life before becoming 30. My cousin’s girlfriend at the time had just started working for Etihad Airlines (based in Abu Dhabi, UAE) and I got jealous of her stories of visiting places like Indonesia, Philippines. Australia etc. and  so I started thinking… of my God, how can I ever get to these places in the near future. And I was thinking and thinking….and maybe you are also in a similar phase of your life right now, so doing the same thing and you don’t know how to change things around you…

But then, thanks to my mother who encouraged me to go for it, I went to an Emirates airlines’ Open day recruitment session held in Belgrade,  passed various tests (I will talk about them later) and within two months I had a air ticket and contract for three years with Emirates airlines, which is based in Dubai. Maybe, this what happened was also partially influenced with the fact that my father used to be a  commercial pilot for JAT Airways (former Yugoslavia’s and Serbia’s national carrier), and I dreamed of becoming stewardess one day since I was little, and loved airplanes, flying, and blue skies…My father was even supposed to work for this airline back in 1986 but rejected it, and to me it seemed so like a destiny to go there and work for this airline.

I chose Dubai, rather than Abu Dhabi – which is a base for Etihad as I mentioned above, since I was there  for the first time when I was 6 years old and my greatest wish was to visit it again someday, though never imagined or dreamed I would be actually living there. And because Dubai was and still is, and I will write more about it, an amazing place to be, liberated comparing to other Arab states, very international, funky, glammy, fast…and ever-growing city. While Abu Dhabi, on the other hand, is more conservative, and less “fun“, but more family oriented, and I see now that there are some new interesting theme parks there, also Formula One race….

And those flying years were great years for me, seeing what I saw, feeling what I felt, experiencing so many cool things. And plus so many of my wishes came true. That was the time when I started making my own bucket list and ticking off things I already did. I encourage you to make one for yourself and if you want some tips how to do it and maybe some ideas I am prepare you a free Bucket list checklist with some tips on the sidebar.

Life is beautiful or „La vita e bella“. And life gives us so many opportunities, just waiting for us to grab them, sit on wings and flyaway. I am always thinking I would rather die knowing than not knowing. And if it is now the time to do it, never be sorry for what you have done, but what you have not…

Three years of flying were enough for me, as I reached 30 at the time, and wanted to come back home and do again something else, less dynamic. It started being a bit tiring for me physically and that was just one of the reasons for me to stop. I thought being 30 was already like being old….but rubbish – now I see it is definitely not…However,  I accomplished some of my goals, earned some money as well and therefore wanted to leave that part of my life in the best memory. If I started flying younger as a cabin crew, I would definitely spend more years being there.

Therefore I advise young people to apply, as soon as they can, starting from age of 21 of course. See the world, when you have most energy and  you can do all other stuff you plan to, like family later anyways etc.

With this blog I therefore intend to advise also on how to become a cabin crew for Middle eastern airlines, which are one of the best airlines in the world, business –  wise and people – wise. European airlines will never give you the opportunities you can get in the Middle east or Asia..

Don’t wait much to apply for it, remember time is ticking…..tick tock
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