>>> More cabin crew job Q & As

I have already written a self-interview post answering some of the basic questions I was getting all these years. Just recently it happened that I was also interviewed by a fellow blogger where I answered some more interesting questions. You can check that post here if you haven’t yet. 

Now I decided to extend this tutorial for you guys – future cabin crew, with more answers related to cabin crew jobI gathered some questions which I was being asked through my blog or personally, and probably these are the things that could interest you as well before you start being an actual cabin crew.

  • Did I enjoy and like being a cabin crew in general?

Yes I did, very much, in terms of representing everywhere such a powerful airline, such as Emirates Airlines. I was proud of it, since people were admiring me for what I am doing and for my stories I could tell regarding destinations, Dubai living, flights etc. Especially I loved when the whole crew was in our cabin crew uniforms standing or walking along the airports in a group, and people were looking at us, taking photos, as if we were some kind of celebrities. Although I must admit, I didn’t enjoy being a cabin crew only while working my ass-off and being treated as  “robot” in terms of serving demanding passengers or some requests I found annoying. Read more

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>>> 11 airplane passenger types cabin crew deal with

Working as a cabin crew gives you an opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, and learn about various nationalities and cultures. BELIEVE ME – some stereotypes you might have heard about certain nationalities, actually are TRUE :-)! Passengers (PAX) are the most important on the flight, as they paid their ticket a lot and want to enjoy the full luxury of it -> get the food they want (if there are several meal choices), be served whenever they ask for it, and be treated with respect.  

We, as cabin crew on Emirates Airlines, were trained for example to deliver excellent service with premium products on-board. But… sometimes, on certain flights, we had passengers which could be tough and hard to deal with, so causing us big troubles. Crew members would try to respond perfectly to the given situations, of course. 


Let’s see certain airplane passenger types I came across during my cabin crew career

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