>>> What it takes to become cabin crew?

First question every potential candidate, who wants to become cabin crew, should be:  “Do I have what it takes from what is actually required for that profession?” In this post, I will be explaining the main points, and hopefully if you are reading this, you will find what you are looking for.

In all of my blog posts I will be interchanging all the terms explaining this occupation – which are cabin crew, steward/ess, flight attendant… as interestingly I do not know so many occupations out there having several names for it like this one. One of the silly ones I heard once was  “Trolley-dolly”  – but I will skip it of course :-).

Did you wonder what is needed to become cabin crew? 

It is not only about flying, seeing new places and meeting different cultures, it has a lot of hard work involved. Many sleepless nights, so forget 9-17 h working hours, and also sometimes having not so pleasant situations  for which you must have good stamina for. Maybe you just want to make your wish come true, like I made my childhood wish which was to become stewardess one day. But I also wanted some changes in my life, so maybe that could be one of your reasons too. Read my full blog post on why did I choose to do it in my life. Read more

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