>>> Tips to fix Cabin Crew Open Day mistakes

I am sure most of you already read 100 times about what is required for cabin crew open day –  how to behave, how to be dressed, what to bring with you etc. And here I primarily refer to requirements for airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. But still many fail during the assessments because of some small or big mistakes they neglected prior to going or during for this important event.

I would like to summarize and give you some advice about it – and so I prepared tips on what you should and should NOT do on cabin crew open day – which are usually part of my consultation when being asked from potential candidates. In one of  my previous blog posts I already wrote important cabin crew requirements, so it is worth to read it as well, to see if you are fit for this job at all.

Usual Cabin Crew Open Day mistakes

  • You are not informed or knowledgeable about the airline you applied for >>> You should always do some google search, ask friends who have someone already flying for that airline, use social media (like this blog also). You need to be prepared if a recruiter asks you what you know about that airline. And also you to be aware who are you applying for. Big mistake is if you mix up the airlines, in case you apply for the competitor airlines as well and they have open days in the same period. Read more
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>>> Exclusive: Interview with former Emirates cabin crew

Hello there!  As a special post edition, I invited for an interview a former cabin crew, my dear friend who used to work for Emirates airlines much longer than I did. And also since I value him to have been a great cabin crew and real example of what a male cabin crew should look like, act and behave…Hence, I wanted to share with you what he has to say about his career, about Emirates airlines, work conditions, challenges of being a male cabin crew, living in Dubai..

Listen to audio file of the Interview here:

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Here are some photos from the actual audio Interview taking place at a nice cafe in Belgrade called Uzitak Coffee selection and delights.

jovan-interview-1 Read more

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