>>> Take time and enjoy Dubai Marina

In my last post I talked about JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) mainly as the part of the city which I would definitely recommend seeing with the first visit to Dubai, and for the beach…but there are so many more interesting places to see at Dubai Marina. Let me show you some more.

I simply love Dubai Marina because of its canals which go around the buildings. and so yacht owners can simply sail around and “park” the boats almost in front of their homes. It is a bit “fancy” kind of lifestyle, but when you see it a few times  in front of your eyes it seems like a normal thing to do there.
Dubai Marina Yacht club is the center of the Marina quays where yachts have their anchors dropped. There is a promenade around it with lots of cafes and restaurants from which you can enjoy the views on the surrounding skyscrapers, boats and jet-skies passing by. Near there you may also find Dubai Marina mall, a smaller shopping center (smaller comparing to the size of the others in Dubai), from which you also can get to Pier 7 > building with 7 fine-dine restaurants with variety in culinary experiences.


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>>> Dubai – once a home, always a dream

I have started blogging naturally with this vibrant city, since it was my hometown for a while, but also since it is very popular for travelers around the world and people who want to experience something new and totally different.

Dubai is still enigma for many people, in a sense how such an Arabic place can be so modern. And some people boycott to visit it, as they believe there is nothing interesting to see but man… there is plenty to see! My opinion is that one can judge it once he/she sees it first and of course not all things appeal to everyone the same. Not everyone gets amazed as I do whenever I am in this city.  I visited it few times eve after my return to Serbia. Read more

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