>>> Gastronomic experience in Madrid

I hope you enjoyed my previous post about what to see in Madrid where I gave you some good tips from my recent trip to Spain. If not please CLICK HERE to read it, as this post is continuation of it.  And I would like to dedicate it to the gastronomic experience I had throughout this trip. 

Madrid is so alive, so cheerful and one of the main reasons for that, beside its people, is that you can hear music everywhere: on streets, in bars, shops…and you can eat such delicious food everywhere.

Yes food, OMG I loved it! Complete “foodporn”! During this trip I ate some quite exquisite things – as I would not eat those at home. I wanted to try everything there since that is the goal of any trip > to pick the most out of the city, country, culture…

As I mentioned in the post about Madrid, you can find shops selling Spanish ham, sausages, cheese…called for example Jamoneria, or Museum of Jamon. And they are found on many places throughout the town, where you can buy as well as eat – usually standing, so good spots to have some street bites. Or there are also many cute places in the center, called Tapas & Wines or Caffe & Tapas…where you can grab few tapas and a glass of Spanish wine.


One place I MUST stress out and my favorite one in Madrid is Mercado de Sen Miguel. It is located just few steps from Plaza Mayor and just at the  Plaza de San IldefonsoI loved this place so much, so I returned there even twice after the initial experience and let me show you why is that. Read more

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>>> Why I love Madrid!

Madrid me gusta mucho! I love Madrid!

I just returned from a nice holiday in Spain, visiting a bit of Madrid, Seville and Toledo, so the information I will provide in this post will be completely fresh! So much to say, photos can not depict the real beauty but I will do my best. I had such a great time there, that I will for sure go back there again one day and so want to show you and incite you to visit these places soon!


Spain has a fantastic climate, and going there now at the end of October, I couldn’t expect nicer weather than I had. Lovely, sunny weather in Madrid and in Seville even around 27 degrees. Though in Madrid every day I took a coat with me, as in the mornings and late evenings it gets cooler or if you are in the shade during the day… But most of the time I was without the coat and enjoying the sun shinning down on me :-).

People were so nice and friendly, smiley…and to my surprise there were not so many tourists like I had experienced before in Barcelona. They do not really speak good English there, so it is really advisable to learn some basic phrases or words if you need to find your way around. Also, there was supposed to be like a siesta time in the midday but honestly, in the center, I didn’t feel it – all the shops were open most of the time, even during the pubic holiday (November 1st) or on Sunday – so it was pretty great.

I also enjoyed tasty food anywhere I ate, with so many delicacies which are not common to eat often in my country. Not to forget that I enjoyed drinking delicious Spanish red wines, Sangria and beer with lemon whenever I could, but I will write more in the next post. Read more

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