>>> Mauritius – romantic and adventurous getaway

When I was 12 years old, I watched some travel  TV show and it was about an island in Indian Ocean >>>  Mauritius. I immediately fell in love with the island and promised myself I would visit it one day. It happened that I was there four times in three years, for a 24 hours layover.  This was one of the perks of my flying cabin crew career for Emirates Airlines. It was one of the most frequent places I visited during my flying years. And I loved it more then Seychelles, however it can  probably not beat Maldives :-). All in all, Mauritius turned out to be a real romantic and adventurous getaway.

I wrote this post (and there will be another one soon) in order to tingle your curiosity about this island and maybe you put it on your list for trips in the future :-).

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>>> Story of an amazing Hvar wedding

My previous post was to show you why I love Hvar island and what you can expect if you go there. So if you decide to visit it for couple of days during summer,  you can follow some of my recommended places mentioned in that post.

But last year I was on Hvar for some more special  occasion. Let me tell you about it…

Hvar wedding

It  was one of my best friend’s weddingAnd it practically lasted 3 days since all the guests came from different parts of the world like England, Dubai, Serbia, Sweden, Bosnia… so it was very much an international wedding. Even more so as the bride was Bosnian/Swedish, and groom British, and they had initially met in Dubai. So naturally they needed to choose one place in the world where they could invite their closest friends and families. And so they chose HVAR! Plus, a couple of us, her closest friends, were bridesmaids so it added additional magic, especially for me, to this beautiful Hvar wedding.

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