>>> Seville – city for music and food lovers

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you already read my blog about Seville,, if not CLICK HERE, as now I will try to present you what I enjoyed most eating and experiencing while in the streets of Seville. I already mentioned that Madrid charmed me with food delicacies, but when I came down to Seville I discovered  more traditional Andalusian food prepared with some cool ingredients.

Also I could hear music everywhere on the streets so this post is for food and music lovers who will hopefully enjoy it. For example I liked the scene where some kids were dancing and singing flamenco on the street, in typical flamenco dressing.

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>>> Wanna visit sunny and lively Seville?

As part of my recent visit to Spain, I decided to give chance to visit to at least one city in Andalusia. And I chose Seville, even though initially the plan was to see Granada, Cordoba… (so next time then…). But I thought to myself – if I fall in love with Seville, I will love the rest of the Andalusia’s cities as well. And so I did, so looking forward to visiting the rest of it sometime in the near future. Plus Seville is one of the largest cities in Spain, with around 700,000 residents (data from 2011), so it was a good point to start with.

I took a fast train from Madrid to Spain, which takes about 2 hours and is pretty comfortable. Though my TIPP is to pre-book the train tickets way before, which you can do online on Renfe  (Spanish railways), as they tend to rise just like airline tickets, and the prices can go really high or simply with no seats left. So if you book much earlier, you can get good deals.

Regarding accommodation again I was using Airbnb platform and I had a really nice flat in the center of Seville, just 5 min walking from the main attractions. The host was very kind and actually showed us many interesting things in Seville, acting as kind of a tour guide.

As soon as I stepped out of a train in Seville I felt a bit different >> it was hot, sunny, with 27 degrees in the beginning of November and day lasts long till 20-21h. I could not believe it, as in Madrid I was still wearing coat in the mornings and evenings.  

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