>>> My top Skiathos beaches

In my previous post about Skiathos I talked about what I liked in Skiathos and why I think it is one of the best Greek islands. I mentioned  that it has around 65 beaches, considered to be one of the best in the whole Greece.  All of them surrounded with pine trees, which gives them a nice surrounding and some natural shades. And all of that gave me the incentive to go and visit this beautiful island this summer. I didn’t have the chance to see so many beaches, as there are too many good ones, but I am sure that I will go there once again and explore its beaches in more depth.

City bus I mentioned takes you to all the important beaches on the south of the island. You just need to be careful not to miss the stop, as the bus conductor or driver sometimes neglect to mention what is the next stop. And also fair to mention is that it can be pretty crowded in the peak times, so there is a battle to enter the bus and grab a seat. So after a whole day on the sun when you feel  exhausted from the beach, this can be tiring to catch a seat in a bus. Other solutions are to rent a bike, squad or car and be more flexible.

In this post I will focus on my top Skiathos beaches, actually the two beaches I loved while being there and some small info on the others which are also worth to see while in Skiathos.  If you would rent a set of sun-umbrella with two sunbeds > it is 8 euros on all of the beaches. Hard to miss paying as there is always someone coming to collect money for. And drinks are not included, so expect to go to the beach bars and get yourselves coffees or drinks.  Whenever in Greece, I always like to drink cold Freddo Cappuccino which is about 3-4 euros in general, but worth it, believe me 🙂 Read more

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>>> Skiathos – one of the best Greek islands


freddo-capuccinoI just returned from a nice summer holiday in Skiathos, one of the most beautiful and best Greek islands, and so would like to share with you how it was and what to expect if you go there. I don’t know about you, but I have been many times in Greece – in Athens, Chalkidiki peninsula,  on several islands, historical sites….And therefore I can say that I am quite overwhelmed with the country, its culture, people, food, everything…I also speak a bit of Greek, due to  friendship with many Greeks during my studies in Budapest, which makes it a bit easier for me to orient and get what I want while in Greece. They love when you show that you know even a bit of Greek since they are quite a proud nation. Entaksi, pame twra ! 🙂 (Ok, then let’s go)

When to go?

My impression of this Greek island is that it is lovely and MUST VISIT at least once for summer holidays. I will definitely come back, maybe even next year 🙂  And my recommendation would be end of June beginning of July or end of August, not during peak season due to crowds and weather being too hot then. It is quite a small island, so easy to go around by city bus, car, quads or scooters, whichever you prefer. Read more

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