>>> When first time in Mallorca good to know

I deliberately wrote the tile for this post as “when first time in Mallorca” (or Majorca as often also called), as I believe once you visit this island you will would want to return to it one day, just as I wish now. Especially that I am revoking the memories of it, by writing this post.


It is a beautiful Balearic island, part of Spain, opposite of its east coast and just across Africa. Ibiza and Menorca are also very close by, but Mallorca is the the largest island of all. The whole island has population  of around 900,000 inhabitants., and the predominant languages beside the Spanish are German and English.

Capital of Mallorca is Palma, as well as the capital of all Balearic Islands.  Island has also the so called Serra de Tramuntana (Unesco’s World heritage) – a mountain range with a length of 90 km and a width of 15 km at some point, that runs along the northwest coast of Mallorca. 

I heard so much about Mallorca from others but somehow I was delaying travelling there, until this summer when I decided to check it out. So buckle up, for a Majorcan ride to see how Classy Explorer experienced it 🙂


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>>> Why you fail at Cabin Crew Assessment Day?


I know from my own experience, that every Cabin Crew Assessment day or Open day (OD), for major airlines in the world, represents a big thing in lives of young people who would like to make their dreams come true and become cabin crew.

But since the amount of people that come to apply is always huge, and only 10% of candidates are maybe accepted, many are left with the question why they fail at the Cabin crew Assessment day. And reasonably these assessment days or ODs can be:

  • very stressful
  • exhausting
  • short since you get this small chance, and little time to represent yourself in the best manner
  • a direction to show if you are the right candidate
  • time to stand out in the crowd with your qualities

And yes, you need to be ready for it, and fulfill all the criteria needed. But believe me, luck is important too.  Being at the right time at the right place. Also, many think they are meant for this job, but aren’t really, so you do need to be as realistic as possible about your qualifications for becoming cabin crew.


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>>> Like drinking coffee? Check out my global coffee experience…

I must admit that I am kind of a “heavy” coffee drinker, since I really love the taste and the smell of a good coffee blend. Drinking coffee is part of my daily rituals. I like drinking wines as well, but coffee is probably what I drink most in a day, apart from water. I am not really a “tea person”, as I drink it only when I am sick or cold.

Back to coffee now. I drink one or two cups of coffee in the mornings, strong and dark, and one in the afternoon. I don’t take coffee with milk that often, because I heard coffee + milk is not really a good combination and it fats that way more… And because I  can not get to taste the real coffee if it is mixed with milk.  

Coffee is good for waking up in the mornings – it increases blood sugar a bit – they say it burns fat or just substitutes eating something when hungry (and you are on a diet) – lowers the risk of diabetes – is full of antioxidants  etc.

When I was younger I was drinking different types of coffees like Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte etc. But since recent years I prefer it black, like the Turkish or Greek one,  or long espresso, Americano (espresso with added hot water), filter coffee… and always NO SUGAR added.

I must say here that I am not advertising any of the brands mentioned below in the text, just giving you examples of what tastes I like.

Turkish or Greek coffee are cooked in a specific way, in a tin jar like on the photo:

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>>> 10 things cabin crew should never do

If you were reading my posts in the cabin crew tutorial section, you could find posts with explaining how to become cabin crew, how it looks to work in different cabins, and what passengers you can expect and how to treat them. This post I wrote to point out what are NOT the cabin crew duties or rules of behavior – so 10 things cabin crew should never do. This is mostly related to Middle Eastern or Asian airlines, though other airlines also follow most of these rules.

Therefore, cabin crew should NEVER:

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>>> Get free Airbnb travel credit from your first booking



For those of you who are following my blog since last year, you might remember the post about how to plan a trip on your own, where I mentioned that I am using Airbnb on occasions. when booking accommodation. For those that are new to my blog, you can revisit the post by clicking link above.

Since Airbnb lately gets a lot of attention globally, and really is an effective way to travel –  I would like to show you benefits of using Airbnb when planning next trip by yourself and booking your accommodation…

Furthermore, I wanted to offer you a chance to get FREE AIRBNB TRAVEL CREDIT  for your next planned trip. This time it is 22 euros, but from my experience it can vary from 18-36 euros. Condition is that you need to book a stay of minimum value of 70 euros, excluding guest fees and any taxes.



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>>> 5 reasons to explore Malta

Malta is an amazing island, and would definitely suggest to everyone to go and enjoy its beauties. It is not as popular among tourists like Spain or Italy, and it is similar  in popularity to for example Madera,…but this post might open your horizon of choices when deciding to see some unique places.  I will give you 5 reasons to explore Malta before planning your next trip.

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>>> Interesting facts about having a falcon on board

While I was flying as an Emirates  cabin crew, one of the most interesting things I discovered was that we could get a bird falcon as a passenger. Yes, no kidding – you could be having a falcon on board sitting next to you. I was supposed to have it on  one of my flights, but as or plane was delayed, they finally didn’t board the falcon.

I was quite interested how it would look like, what would be reactions by other passengers, crew… but unfortunately didn’t see it in person. I wanted to show you in this post why falcons are so important in Middle East and why they are rare animals that can fly in airplane’s cabin.

See example how it may look like (taken from Internet sources):

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ 

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>>> Recommended aviation themed movies

A few months back I provided a list of my favorite travel themed movies, which inspired me or still inspire to travel. Since aviation is my second biggest passion in life beside travel, I prepared now a list of my favorite aviation themed movies which I recommend if you have not seen them already.

These are aviation based as either the story of the movies is around a fighter jet or commercial pilot, battle in the air, spending time at the airport, helicopters or great part of the movie takes place inside the airplane, with some cabin crew involved as supporting acting leads.

So airplanes, airports, pilot, cabin crew….:-) I would like to add that I didn’t include Bond movies, although they all have some kind of action with airplanes or helicopter, and this list would be just too long.

Here is the list of 12 movies that I recommend:

 1. Top Gun (1986)


One of the favorite movies for most of the people, as it gave iconic picture of an handsome young fighter jet pilot with some cool pair of Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses and aviator leather jacket. There is a love story also involved between a young hot-shot pilot (Tom Cruise) and older instructor woman (Kelly McGillis).  Read more

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>>> Practical tips for visiting Petra

Petra is really breathtaking and you swill see why!

As I have written already about my adventure in Jordan, and all the great things I saw and experienced, I left Petra as a separate post since it deserves all the credit possible. Therefore I prepared some  practical tips for visiting Petra for you, which can be helpful once you decide to go and visit Jordan.


Petra is one of the Seven Ancient World wonders and UNESCO’s World Heritage Site since 1985. Word Petra means “stone or rock” in Greek, but often Petra is referred to as “Lost City” and/or “Rose City” because of the rose-colored sandstone hills. Read more

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>>> Why Jordan should be your next adventure destination

JORDAN is beautiful! Its nature, history, people… For me visiting it was an experience I will remember forever. I will show you now why Jordan should be your next adventure destination.

There are so many things to see there, though I had as much time to go and see Mount Nebo, river Jordan , Dead sea, and of course lovely Petra. At the end of the post I added two more interesting sites, which can be added to your Jordan travel list.

Where, when, how?

I landed to its capital’s airport,Amman, and getting suitcases took a bit long since airport was quite old-fashioned. My friends and I got the visa at the airport (check if your nationality need visa), and as soon as we passed the customs we got a rent-a-car, which we booked prior the trip.  

And so we took off for new adventures…

I must stress here, that we were three girls traveling alone, and we had no problems because of that.  Though, naturally you need to take care and be careful not to believe everyone naively.

I was there in the beginning of June and it was already very very hot, so the best timing to go there is in the spring and autumn. Avoid summer months :-)!

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>>> Meeting with future Qatar Airways cabin crew

I wanted to show you an example of a great girl called Dragana who is becoming Qatar Airways cabin crew very soon. I met her couple of months ago through my Instagram account, when we had a few English lessons, in order to relax when speaking in English and work on avoiding any kind of fear from the whole recruitment process. I think it will be very interesting what she had to say, plus I added some additional comments from my side.

Let’s get started! 🙂

Hello Dragana! First of all, thanks for participating in this interviewing  meeting! I am fond of making this kind of interviews for future cabin crew candidates, so to give them as much info as possible, and of course to be as relevant as can be.  

With Dragana’s story I wanted to show everyone that being persistent does pay off… And  also how the recruitment process differs between Qatar Airways and Emirates Airlines. Read more

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>>> Aviation vocabulary for cabin crew

First thing you would learn on the Aviation college is NATO Alphabet, as a core of aviation vocabulary. It is important in aviation (as in military) since crew often speak among themselves in codes, in order to pass each other some important or alarming info. It is used also for example for mentioning aircraft registrations e.g B777 – EMY (Echo, Mike,  Yankee).

Here is an alphabet and it is good to start learning it as soon as possible, so give a try:

Now next what I wanted to do in this post, about aviation vocabulary for cabin crew, is that I tried to combine some terms I came across during my cabin crew career and words that are mostly used, based on categories rather than by alphabet. Read more

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>>> More cabin crew job Q & As

I have already written a self-interview post answering some of the basic questions I was getting all these years. Just recently it happened that I was also interviewed by a fellow blogger where I answered some more interesting questions. You can check that post here if you haven’t yet. 

Now I decided to extend this tutorial for you guys – future cabin crew, with more answers related to cabin crew jobI gathered some questions which I was being asked through my blog or personally, and probably these are the things that could interest you as well before you start being an actual cabin crew.

  • Did I enjoy and like being a cabin crew in general?

Yes I did, very much, in terms of representing everywhere such a powerful airline, such as Emirates Airlines. I was proud of it, since people were admiring me for what I am doing and for my stories I could tell regarding destinations, Dubai living, flights etc. Especially I loved when the whole crew was in our cabin crew uniforms standing or walking along the airports in a group, and people were looking at us, taking photos, as if we were some kind of celebrities. Although I must admit, I didn’t enjoy being a cabin crew only while working my ass-off and being treated as  “robot” in terms of serving demanding passengers or some requests I found annoying. Read more

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>>> 11 airplane passenger types cabin crew deal with

Working as a cabin crew gives you an opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, and learn about various nationalities and cultures. BELIEVE ME – some stereotypes you might have heard about certain nationalities, actually are TRUE :-)! Passengers (PAX) are the most important on the flight, as they paid their ticket a lot and want to enjoy the full luxury of it -> get the food they want (if there are several meal choices), be served whenever they ask for it, and be treated with respect.  

We, as cabin crew on Emirates Airlines, were trained for example to deliver excellent service with premium products on-board. But… sometimes, on certain flights, we had passengers which could be tough and hard to deal with, so causing us big troubles. Crew members would try to respond perfectly to the given situations, of course. 


Let’s see certain airplane passenger types I came across during my cabin crew career

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>>> 5 major differences for cabin crew between Economy, Business and First class

Once you successfully pass the assessment with airline you would like to fly for, and you finish the initial cabin crew training, you will start and implement what you learnt regarding the service on-board. First flights can be scary of course, but in time it all come natural and usual.

Cabin crew work in Economy, Business and First class cabins when it’s a 3-class aircraft configuration or just Economy and Business (which acts as First then) if it’s a 2-class aircraft configuration.

Now this separation between cabin classes differs from airline to airline, but since I know best about Middle Eastern airlines, I will give you example how it looks like for those airlines. There are differences among the economy and premium cabins, in the product and the way passengers are being served, as well as regarding cabin crew responsibilities. 

To tell you the truth, whenever I flew by European airlines as a passenger, I could not notice such differences, as the cabin divisions are not being so “strict”. Cabin crew on European airlines are also  probably trained and work in all cabins all the time, changing positions by seniority – so not strictly starting from Economy and with years moving up the ladder toward First class or Senior positions. Passengers (PAX) are also not, as I must say, so “spoiled”  like on Middle Eastern airlines – where they know they can  get a lot on-board and even go beyond and ask for more than expected ( this is because it is like that for Arabic and Asian culture – always showing they are great hosts to their guests with tonnes of gifts/perks). 



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>>> Confessions of once an expatriate

If you have read About me section (or if you didn’t have a chance), you could see that I am a girl who early on in her life, at 19, left home and went to Budapest (Hungary) for studies. This was the beginning of me living abroad and so confessions of once an expatriate can be told.

But that was not the first time I left home alone – first time was going to London for English language summer school at age of 16. That was awesome experience, staying for 3 weeks at some Irish family, and 3 days being with a group of students in London. It was fun, especially being in London as a teenager – I was in LOVE with the city immediately…but being alone there was not an easy thing to do. I was quite unsecured when entered the plane to London Heathrow, even though my father was flying/taking me there literally….But I came back as renewed and rich with experiences which made me who I am today and what I did so far.

Getting back to my Budapest story – I had spent almost 8 lovely years living there. First studying for 6 years (Bachelor + Master Degrees) and then working for almost 2 years for some international companies. First part – studying period –  was great. One of the best periods of my life! Without much obligations, got money from parents or scholarships, had a lot of international friends – mainly from Greece, Cyprus, Germany, US, Russia, China, Hungary etc. We had such good times, socializing, partying, eating together…and some of us really made friends forever! Read more

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