>>> Where to say “YES” internationally?

Lot of girls dream of big weddings, with invites of around 150-200 people… Plus to wear white “princess” or “mermaid” wedding dress. To have traditional ceremonies and all the customs that are usual or expected by the family. And then go for a honeymoon trip to relax from all the stress of preparations and the actual wedding day.

Me personally, I was never a “wedding” freak in a sense to have wanted all of that… I just want my friends and I (plus my future hubby) to have a good time. I am also more and more desiring a simple ceremony with a few dear people, which would take place at some nice location, me being in a simple white dress with some cool shoes or sandals in strong color or bare foot if being at the beach.

If someone desires such weddings outside the city or home country (called destination wedding) , it can even be a good combination for wedding ceremony and the honeymoon. Plus a good continuing vacation for your invites.

I am not sure yet where exactly would I say “yes” , it depends also on the partner (maybe he would want a big ceremony instead:-)), but I researched and here are some of my tips and ideas on places – for all of those who are also thinking of doing something similar. You can always hire a wedding planner to organize it all for you, or you can organize it yourself if you find good deals with travel agencies and hotels.  I would also like to hear from you some ideas, if you have any.


What you need to consider when planning a destination wedding is to:

  • Select a wedding location (travel to it at least once to see with your own eyes).
  • Consider the costs comparing to a local wedding (airfare,/travel tickets, accommodation, visas if needed, wedding planner fees).
  • Inform your guests on time, so to be prepared with days off, and with financial costs they will cover to arrive 
  • Important to consider are the different laws in every country , which require what documents to bring with you.  Some countries require you to reside in that country prior the ceremony which can take from 24 hours to couple of days, weeks.
  • Good to know is also that you will need to legitimate the marriage paper later in your home country. So check that locally as well.
  • Hire a local planner at the destination who will organize the most of the things for you, who you can trust
  • Make a plan B in case the weather changes- in case you are planning an outdoor wedding


Caribbean islands would be one of my top choices here, but due to hurricane Irma which just left chaos there, I am afraid most of them are now unfortunately ruined, so I would skip them for now (till they are recovered). But just for example Dominican republic, Barbados or Aruba… are top Caribbean wedding destinations, and each hotel offers wedding-packages so it can be easy to plan. On the other side of the World, popular beach destinations with great hotel-wedding packages are Mauritius, Seychelles and Maldives.

Mexico is also great to choose and my favorite for beach wedding, as it has several cool city options for having your wedding like  Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Los Cabos. Mexico is interesting as it has  more than 6,000 miles of gorgeous coastline, with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The food in general  is fantastic, the people are friendly, and in general Mexico has happy vibes everywhere you go. I imagine always a nice 5* hotel, with a beautiful pool area, but the wedding to be organized on the beach, with lots of flowers, and good photographer to take nice photos. The rest of the days can be in exploring the other places on the coast. This kind of wedding would be blissful with amazing colors.




For this category I choose Las Vegas as first one. Why? Since I have a great wish to see it, not just to play some slots – but to see all that famous and glitzy Strip, get crazy, shout and fool myself on the streets if I want to,  watch Cirque du Soleil “Zumanity show, go to some roof top bar and see all of Vegas from it. And then the next day for example take a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Vegas wedding in small chapels with Elvis as a witness for example, are known to be quite quick, in case you want to have a short ceremony and get out to have fun. Just do not wake up the next morning regretting what you did :-).

vegas-wedding-chapel wedding-las-vegas-elvis

Other unusual and crazy weddings are heard of, and maybe can give some ideas, are for example to tie the knots while scuba-diving, or sky-diving, or in ice hotel where all covered by ice, or in costumes with your favorite movie characters like Star Wars, even if all dressed and decorated in black and red for example.

Source: ps://www.gonzoo.com/trends/story
Source: https://awol.junkee.com



Here my thought goes immediately to some old stone medieval villa in the heart of Tuscany, or a nice hotel overlooking city of Florence. With lots of good Italian wine going around, delicious Italian food, some violins and other musicians in the background. And at the end, everyone happy, drunk and enjoying the natural beauties of Italy.


Source: http://www.matrimonio-toscana.com
Source: http://www.italy2wed.com


For a perfect island wedding I would definitely propose Santorini first. The white-blue houses being around for a perfect set-up… standing at some top venue with the perfect colors in the background as of one of the best locations for the sunsets in the worlds… what else to wish for.


Other perfect spot in Greece for me would be Mykonos, as it is one of my favorite islands in Greece. It has nice hotel venues, great beaches,  perfect old town etc. Greeks in general know hot o have fun so I am sure there would nto be a problem to arrange a very nice wedding with the local help.


Hvar is a Croatian hype island, perfect also for wedding location. Luckily, I witness my great friend’s wedding there, which was amazing. You can read more about it HERE. It has perfect cute little spots for nice dinner, outdoor ceremonies, and plus you can rent a boat for an hour to circle around the island as an idea to add to the part fo ceremony.



My friend also had her wedding at an Amberley castle in England, which was very sophisticated and classy, and I enjoyed it so much since. There was so much history in the castle, so much wealth from years before, which added to its beauty. These weddings tend to be very elegant and posh, almost feeling like a royalty. 

Credits to: Jonathan Day (on Flickr)
Source: https://www.wedding-venues.co.uk

Source: https://www.chooseyourwedding.com/inspiration/medieval-weddings

I hope you enjoyed these ideas, in case you decide you have a destination wedding. it is not easy at all, since having control of the preparations is minimized, but at the same time it is fun, it is different and great gift for yourself and for your guest, to enjoy in atypical wedding venues and new destinations.

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