>>> The Winter is coming, which TV shows to watch?

I have been a big movie fanatic since early childhood, watching “Star Wars – Return of the Jedi” when I was just 4 years old and even a horror  movie “Halloween” at about similar age. So yes,  you can imagine that I can and like to watch different sorts of movies and my stomach can tolerate a lot. But at the same time I like sometimes to get really relaxed or to get really aroused by a certain story I am watching.

My favorite film genres are thrillers, comedies and good realistic & scary  movies. In the past few years, I have been more eager to watch TV shows instead of films, as they turned out to be more fun, more interesting – you have more episodes to follow in a row, they are more intense and keep your curiosity high, plus you can end up watching more of your favorite actors :-).

If you are not sure what TV shows to watch or start watching, but you have time and a will to devote your time to get yourself entertained, plus as the winter is coming slowly… these are my recommendations – I will sort them by genres.

Suspense / Action / thriller

NARCOS (3 seasons so far)First two seasons followed life and fall of Pablo Escobar and the third season was about the Cali cartel, all placed in Columbia. Actors are great, lots of Spanish language, good soundtracks. One of my fav TV shows ever.

OZARK (1 season) –  Crime thriller with good plot, about a financial advisory who needs to launder money for Mexican mafia in some small town to keep the family safe, but it gets harder and harder to keep it rolling.

THE NIGHT MANAGER ( 1 season, mini series) – A bit of A spy game, action,  and nice shooting locations. Hugh Lauri is excellent. After I watched this TV show, as some scenes were taken on island of Mallorca, I had to visit this island this summer :-).

BREAKING BAD (5 seasons) – For me one of the  best series ever! At first it sounded to me like some “junky” story, but as soon as I finished the first episode it got me hooked till the end. And it got better and better,  with lot of excitements, and good psychological representations  of the main characters.

THE NIGHT OF (1 season, mini series) – Interesting TV show about a guy who is convicted for girl’s murder, although he does not remember what happened. So you see how he is surviving the prison, and till the end you are in doubt whether he did it or not…

SHERLOCK (4 seasons) – Each episode lasts almost like a movie, and each season has only 3-4 episodes plus they are being run every 2 years minimum. The reason is because of  a very good production of this famous detective’s character. I can admit that I love this interpretation of Sherlock the most, especially due to eccentric looking Benedict Cumberbatch.


THE KILLING (4 seasons)- I just finished first season, and looking forward to the next, as  it completely held my attention throughout all the episodes. There is crime, lots of suspects, lots of clues and errors on the way, interesting main detective characters, and even some politics involved. If you like good thriller stories, watch this one.

Fantasy/ futuristic

GAME OF THRONES (8 seasons so far) – If you haven’t watched GoT yet, you should start now :-)! This is for me also one of the best TV shows that I’ve seen so far. It has it all: action, great costumer, locations, acting erotic, knights, zombies, dragons, beautiful actors…

THE HANDMAID’S TALE  ( 1 season so far, next one in 2018) –  Crazy plot about who-knows-if-possible future in a totalitarian and theocratic state that has replaced the United States of America., where certain “free spirited” women are being punished and then sent to families who can not have babies, as child bearers. Yes it does sound crazy….but very interesting to watch…

Funny/entertaining/ drama

YOUNGER (4 seasons so far) – Story of a  40 year-old woman, desperate to find  job in Publishing, fakes her age to be as 26.  And that’s when the adventure starts – with a younger guy, with challenges of younger generations. To me it is very entertaining, plus episodes are short so easy to follow a few at once… Hillary Duff is one of the main actresses too. If you liked Sex and the City and Devil wears Prada, you will like this one ;-).

younger- poster

THIS IS US (2nd season now rolling) –  iT follows real life stories of three  36 year-old siblings (twins and an adopted one),  and it follow many things about marriage, love, family, ambitions, life and death…. It is drama series, but very emotional, warm and nice in general.

this is us- poster

SHAMELESS  (7 seasons so far) – Comedy drama, simply to say it is crazzzzy and funny – about a dysfunctional family and their copying with real-life challenges. All the crazy sh** you can imagine, happens in this TV show, and that is why I love it. It surprised me so many times, with good acting, good scenarios….

Political/ Action

HOMELAND (6 seasons so far) –  This is a CIA, spy story following a bipolar agent and her missions around the lands that US is mainly interested in for security reasons. It is quite interesting as it follows the political agenda, political games, with different agents, the state, and people in power. It has good action, good plots and great acting by Clare Danes.


I hope you will enjoy watching some of these if you haven’t already.  Don’t forget a warm blanket, hug and pile of pop-corns along :-)!


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