>>> Why you fail at Cabin Crew Assessment Day?


I know from my own experience, that every Cabin Crew Assessment day or Open day (OD), for major airlines in the world, represents a big thing in lives of young people who would like to make their dreams come true and become cabin crew.

But since the amount of people that come to apply is always huge, and only 10% of candidates are maybe accepted, many are left with the question why they fail at the Cabin crew Assessment day. And reasonably these assessment days or ODs can be:

  • very stressful
  • exhausting
  • short since you get this small chance, and little time to represent yourself in the best manner
  • a direction to show if you are the right candidate
  • time to stand out in the crowd with your qualities

And yes, you need to be ready for it, and fulfill all the criteria needed. But believe me, luck is important too.  Being at the right time at the right place. Also, many think they are meant for this job, but aren’t really, so you do need to be as realistic as possible about your qualifications for becoming cabin crew.


I will give you hints where most of you usually FAIL but are not aware of it or simply ignore the facts (being too subjective about yourself). I also hope I can help you realize if you are the right candidate for this job or not.

I heard 100 times from some of the candidates, like ” Why did I fail?… What was wrong with me?…. What do you think I need to improve?…. Why some others who, in my opinion, were not right for this job still passed and I didn’t ?… Should I apply again and when?… ” etc.

These are the most common questions I got so far, and many times I do not have the right answer to it, as I do not personally know the candidates or I can not directly say if I see from the start that someone is not for this job (not to kill their dreams from the start), so I try to point it out somehow indirectly.

  • Take the whole recruitment process seriously! >>>

Many think it is the same as the recruitment for some hotels, cafes or cruisers…but it is not. You really need to consider that these airlines are very serious about the processes and people who get employed to work for them, so you need to get prepared well, in looks, in documents needed etc. Do read the forums, facebook groups, talk to people who work there to find out as more as you can. Furthermore, my blog and cabin crew tutorial section contains also interesting topics which can help you understand what is required and about the job itself. 

  • Your CV has to be neat or professional >>>

I mentioned already in previous posts, and talked about essence of having a good CV since it shows your so far accomplishments and is like an entrance ticket to go further in the assessment, so please do take a look at my post about how to prepare a perfect cv .

  • Knowledge of English must be high >>>

Here is where most of you are wrong. You may think if you do a quick English course, you are ready for becoming a cabin crew. But all airlines, and mainly here I mean the Middle Eastern ones, require a good apprehension and understanding of the language. So you might learn the grammar and be able to read a text, answer some questions, but to really feel the soul of an language you need to speak it almost like a mother-tongue. Therefore you should be able to understand even some slang, answer on any topic without thinking too much what to say…

Hence, if you are not that ready with your level of English knowledge, practice more, watch movies without subtitles, take some lessons where you can practice speaking (but if you already on a higher level but need to relax speaking). I have been giving out this kind of classes in the past year, helping out the candidates to succeed and lose the fear of talking.do-you-speak-english

  • Be careful regarding reporting tattoos and scars >>>

Many asked me like ” Can I lie that I have some tattoos? ….Or if I remove it with laser is that ok?”… Most of the airlines do not allow tattoos or scars on places which are visible when wearing a cabin uniform, but for example Qatar Airways is so strict to not allow ANY tattoos on your body. Believe me, there are body checks by a doctor when you enroll with them, and if they see you lied about it, they will send you back.

If you already have a visible tattoo and think that removing it with laser will solve the issue, it won’t do the thing. You see, there will be a scar on that place and again it is not permitted. I know you can not undo the actions you made, when making those tattoos or scars, but at least then choose the airlines which are not that strict with rules. Here is an example what rules on tattoos apply for Etihad Airways or even Emirates Airlines.


  • Attitude if strong or weak? >>>

Well, this is very important as it reflects your personality, and usually can not be hidden. So if you are with a strong attitude about everything, and full of yourself – you probably need to put it down a bit – so do not be the one that will stand out too much, always talk first in a group, ask non stop some questions, not let others to talk.

On the other had, if you are shy, modest…you need to show yourself in some light, and be noticed in a moderate way, otherwise you will end up like a shadow in recruiter’s eyes.tattoos-not-allowed

  • Importance of body language >>>

Many do not think about this, but actually body language is very important. Recruiters watch the way you stand, walk, sit, talk, listen, behave etc. So all the moves matter. Try to be as gracious as possible, not looking tired, or bored – as this is a big NO NO NO. You need to stand the pressure and long time standing, behaving in a good manner etc.


Source: https://www.susanconstantine.com/the-powers-in-the-pose/

If any further questions, do ask me here or via contact email. And so get ready and become a successful candidate!

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